Jul 2, 2011

茶十二叡曲 @ Clementi

茶十二叡曲, a Taiwan originated bubble tea store has had one of its franchise launched in Clementi, Singapore, which is considerably near to NUS.

At first I thought it was a Japanese shop because of the phrase メロディーのお茶.

I don't really know why was it opened at Clementi Central as there're already two Taiwanese bubble stalls there (KOI Café and OK Tea). They really wanna have a fight? Haha...

As compared to KOI Café and OK Tea, a typical hazelnut or caramel bubble tea that I used to order costs $4.10 instead of $2.90 at 茶十二叡曲 because there's only large-sized one in the Milk Tea section.

Besides, 茶十二叡曲's stall is slightly smaller than KOI, but the assistant either is a Taiwanese or speaks like Taiwanese, plus a pretty cashier they have. :)

Caramel Milk Tea 焦糖奶茶 ($4.10)

Taiwan milk tea from different outlets tastes the same and delicious to me. The relatively strong fragrance of the milk could be one of the reasons people keep coming back to queue for a drink.

Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3 #01-89
Singapore 120442

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