Jul 15, 2020

Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet from One Hour Florist

Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet
Just in time for my 10th monthsary with my lover, One Hour Florist sent me their signature Surprise Hand Bouquet.

Comes with complimentary printed card message, One Hour Florist's Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet is packed with premium juicy and fresh roses, carefully put together with the complementing flower fillers and assorted greens.

Each bouquet is creatively made according to the information provided by the customers:
  • Age of Recipient
  • Relationship with Recipient
  • Occasion
  • One Word to Describe Him/Her
I actually ordered the bouquet the day before at 5:30pm and was expecting the delivery to be made at 8:00pm that day, unfortunately the bouquet did not arrive despite having contacted them via WhatsApp.

They replied me the next morning and informed me that their orders actually cut off at 4:00pm and there may be a system glitch, and therefore my order could go through. Anyway they delivered the bouquet that morning. So be sure to take note of this and check with them before you place your order.

Order now from One Hour Florist and get your flowers delivered within an hour.

WhatsApp: +65 9396 1872
E-mail: hello@onehourflorist.com

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