Jul 10, 2015

Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction

Ma Maison
Located at a humble corner in Bugis Junction, Ma Maison マ・メゾン (lit. "My Home" in French) serves Japanese fusion cuisine.

The classy atmosphere owing to its dimly lit ambience is something one wouldn't expect from the exterior.

I wouldn't say this is some affordable restaurant, but the food quality is definitely above average.
And if you don't mind paying for the environment, it's surely worth your visit.

For ladies, you get 20% off ala carte items for on Monday nights (their Ladies Night).

"SUKIYAKI" Omu-Rice 洋風すき焼きとろとろオムライス @ $18.80++
Omu-Rice with Braised Sliced Beef and Vegetables
This was May's order, and I couldn't help but to kope the sauce... ❤❤

Beef Stroganoff Butter Rice オムライスビーフストロガノフソース @ $16.80++
Butter rice wrapped in omelet with sliced beef and brown sauce
If you enjoy eating steak, the sauce delivers the standard.
And the rice was fantastic, it was literally fragrant.

Your key to success...... no.
Bring this key to the cashier and pay for your food. LOL~

200 Victoria Street
#02-51 Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021
Opening hours: 11:30am - 10:00pm

Javin Tham, MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB Musician | Engineer | YouTube Coverist

Jul 1, 2015

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Cover by Gary Song & Javin Tham)

This cover was done at the same recording session as Jessie J - Flashlight. You can tell from our attire.

As mentioned on my Facebook wall, I call this the "helicopter song" because this song is played in the helicopter flight scene in "Fifty Shades of Grey". Similar to "Flashlight", I didn't enjoy listening the song until I watched the movie, and it became a hits at home, we could just loop the song over and over again while playing mahjong.

Furthermore, Gary and I have been doing this song over and over again for the Strepsils finalist showcase, finals, and gigs in the May-June period. Playing this song again surely brings back those memories. It's also a song that I wanted to cover for a very long time.

I certainly like the efficiency of doing 2 covers at the same session. But oh well, more work to come for post-editing.

This is a cover of "Love Me Like You Do" by Ellie Goulding. Hope you like it (because I like it! ^^).

Javin Tham, MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB Musician | Engineer | YouTube Coverist

Jessie J - Flashlight (Cover by Gary Song & Javin Tham)

I realized our previous cover was done in December 2014, so freaking long ago, and it was 煎熬 by 李佳薇.

I didn't really have a good impression on this song, just like how I feel about a typical English song, until I watched Pitch Perfect 2. Sometimes people just get addicted to the soundtrack after they watched the movie, isn’t it?

The original is in F major and we did this cover in A major. Like “Let It Go”, the song has a movie version and a soundtrack version of it. For me, I usually prefer the soundtrack version because somehow to me it’s more original.

Present to you, Flashlight by Jessie J.
*Seriously I didn’t know who Jessie J is and what song she has sung before. LOL~~

Javin Tham, MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB Musician | Engineer | YouTube Coverist