Dec 20, 2015

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant @ SAFRA Jurong

SAFRA Jurong
My company, Cameron runs this Engage To Excel event quarterly to ensure that every department commits to teamwork through team bonding activities.

I joined the Quality Control department since July 2015 and I was kinda assigned to organize one for this last quarter. To be honest I suck at organizing events and so the best option for me is to go for lunch/dinner as a group and that's it.

We did gather opinion from the shop to get feedback and well, having dinner at Sakura International Buffet has the highest vote so we went ahead for that.

It's $42.80 (incl. GST) per adult for dinner on a weekend because we went on Sunday so that more shop floor employees are able to make it. You can find out their rates at the Suki Group website.

It's located at the north corner of the club, but that's not the main entrance.

Turn left after passing the main lobby and you'll find the main entrance

The interior

And my favorite sushi bar

You may approach the chef to slice sashimi for you

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