Oct 29, 2011

Ajisen Ramen @ Clementi Mall

Iced Green Tea and Lemon Tea (for sets)
It's the day Joling and Hooi Tin left for Johore, marking the end of their 4 days 3 nights Singapore trip. Hope that they did have fun here.

I brought them to Clementi Mall and treated them for lunch before sending them off.
And ya, anyhow picked a not-so-cheap & not-so-expensive restaurant in the mall, Ajisen Ramen 味千拉麵.

Seafood Katsu シーフードカツフライ & White Fish 白身魚フライ (Side dishes for sets)

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen 照り焼きチキンソースラーメン ($13.90 for set)

Spicy Cha-Shu Ramen ピリ辛チャーシューラーメン ($13.90 for set)

Aso Ramen 阿蘇ラーメン ($7.90)

Before they really departed from Clementi Station after lunch, since we're already at Clementi, then must let Hooi Tin try out KOI Bubble Tea, which is so crazily craved for across the island.


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Oct 18, 2011

Lizard Trap

I've captured a Charmander!!

Well, it's a cockroach cum lizard trap that my mum passed to me in Penang before I left for Singapore again.

Recently there's been one lizard in my room. I didn't mind when there's a lizard in my room because it's a kind of beneficial reptile (or is it?), but the 'tsk tsk tsk...' sound it made was annoying, especially when it disturbed me during my bedtime. Therefore, I decided to use my first trap.

Setting the trap is easy. Tear off the adhesive cover and there're already baits on the adhesive layer as lure. The lizard was then stuck on the adhesive and unable to make any move anymore, that's how it's "dead". It took me around 3 days to be successful in the hunt (maybe I didn't sound the Hunter's Horn ^^).

Perhaps you might be blaming me now for doing this to a living creature, but since lizard traps exist, there should be a need to catch lizard right? Hehe... :)

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Oct 15, 2011

Night Cycling

Night cycling is an activity that one should try or at least experience in Singapore as for example in Malaysia you won't be able to night cycle because it's too dangerous (you might get robbed, kidnapped etc.) to do it there. In Singapore, people night cycle overnight and yup, you have to sacrifice your normal sleep hours for that.

It's my second time night cycling and this time was the one with hall people. Temasek Hall Outdoor Activities Committee (TH OAC) rented hundreds of bicycle from the east coast and placed them in the communal hall on the Friday night. Those that signed up will depart on bicycle from hall all the way to the East Coast Park.

In a group of 15, we paid $15 each as registration fees and some goodies, and our journey then started with two OAC attaches who'll led the way and made sure that we're safe.

Of course there're stops for us to rest and have late supper.


The two pretty ladies in green were our group's attaches.

Clarke Quay

The place where we had bean curd and soya milk

After a super crazy inclined slope

At the end of more than 8 hours of ride, we finally reached East Coast Park, and no words can describe how painful our inner thighs were, on top of the painfulness on our calves and glutes.

Some concluded that this will be their last time night cycling, tiredness was indeed what we paid for the fun.
I think it can only be fun with friends cycling with you - we joked, laughed, teased each other, sang songs during the journey.

For me, it's therefore one good and unhealthy experience - you might get calories burnt, but you are awake when you're supposed to be lying on your sleeping bed.

What we did next was just waiting for the dawn to break, when the sun rises like a red egg. That would be the reason for us to gather at the dock, facing the south-east horizon of the sea.

Taken by Calvin. Isn't it just beautiful?

Give yourself a round of applause if you managed too find me in this group photo.

It's past 7am and we returned our bicycles and collected our breakfast - Sausage McMuffins and Milo.

Thank God OAC catered buses for us back to hall and we're able to easily fall asleep on our way back.

Immediately when we reached hall, bathe, sleep... zzz....

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Oct 14, 2011

Dark circles

Right from the time when I underwent my first corneal transplant surgery a year ago, my dark circles didn't stop growing darker, and that's so annoying as they affect my physical appearance.
When I consulted the eye specialist at SNEC, she did mention that the eye drops I used may darken my lower eye lids. Well, I had surgery on one eye at a time, but why did I have dark circles on both eyes?

I don't have enough sleep? Ok, normally I sleep at 12am every night, which is earlier than 90% of the NUS students' sleeping hours I guess? And why don't my friends have dark circles then?

My dark circles are like this guy's, haha...

Well, maybe I'm not as handsome as he is, so it's better to get rid of the stupid dark circles.

Cucumber Eye Mask
My mum cut me slices of cucumber, put them in a container, and I kept them in the fridge when I was back to Singapore from Penang.

It's my first time trying putting slices of cucumber on my eyes, and I was only doing this when I was taking a nap, sometimes even with eye mask on to prevent them from slipping of. They're cooling, besides making me part of the salad.

Later on, I found out that I actually can dip cottons into the "juice" of cucumber which eventually precipitates in the fridge, and afterwards, like the picture, apply them this way and so I am able to do my work in the process of getting rid of the dark circles.

Dark circles,

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Oct 5, 2011

Lab: ME3162-2 Turning

Turning Lathe
One of the reasons I feel that it's most fun doing lab for ME3162 Manufacturing Processes ever since my first year in Mechanical Engineering is, no lab report, and they grade you based on your end product.
Besides, it's really more fun doing ME3162 labs as you really see the physical outcome of an object machined by you yourself.

Somehow I like the workshop-style of activity, but not the dirty part of it.

We're divided into groups of two students and I was grouped with a Malay student whom I hadn't acquainted with before that.
The lab title is "Turning", compared to the previous one, "Milling", "Turning" has got to do with a cylindrical object, as it's being machined while rotated about its longitudinal axis.
As you can see from the picture on the right, the workpiece was clamped to the three jaw chuck that will rotate at 600rpm after switched on.
The workpiece was initially a small aluminium cylinder with rough surface. Our job was to machine it to the final dimensions as drawn in the lab manual.

We first cut the outer diameter of the workpiece to the required one with the cutter (we just had to move the cutter inwards as the fast rotation of the workpiece made itself able to be cut) and face mill it to the required length.

Metal Scraps
Immediately we see a clean and clear surface of the aluminium workpiece, with excess of irritating unwanted metal scraps (picture on the left) which sometimes you really have to remove using a pair of pliers when it gets too annoying.

Those are the cutting processes, the next process is drilling, That's easy, but the depth of hole which I measured with vernier caliper seemed to have a difference of 0.1mm with the required one, but seriously, who cares?! Haha...

The following process was still cutting, but this time with an angle of 10° from the top surface.

The final one was milling the sharp edges of the machined workpiece using a mill file, by holding and pressing it on the edges of the workpiece while rotating (so dangerous...).

These are our final products and mine is the one with "3J2 T3" engraved on it.

Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist