Jun 18, 2009

Penang Trip

17 (Wed) - 18 (Thu) Jun 2009
Lodging: Eden Fairway Condominium

It's a trip with MayFour (Mayday + Four), a group of ten people who are all Penangites. Therefore this was pretty much a hometown trip.

The 1st Day

The journey began with a walk at Penang National Park located in the northwest area of the Penang island.

Even I myself hadn't been there before.

Our journey started from the entrance, all the way to the Muka Head Lighthouse.
It's so much longer than I expected, and we ended up so exhausted and sweating like hell.
It seemed to be as well healthy and so unsuitable for a person like me. :)

See? Told you it's tiring.

We then reached a beach and took a rest.

We reached this so-called Monkey Beach after we continued our journey.

The upcoming one is a jungle, and we just have to overcome and keep walking up and up. Leg cram!!

And finally, the Muka Head Lighthouse

After that, we took a boat from Monkey Beach to make our way back to the entrance because we're totally EXHAUSTED!!

We then return to our condo from Penang National Park by car, took a bath, then got to Eden Parade and had fish spa.


At night, we prepared a pre-holiday surprise for Joling.


The 2nd Day

Started off with a karaoke session at REDBOX Gurney Plaza in the morning

What's wrong with Huey Yen who's lying on the couch over there... -_-lll

Credit to Cheng Sam, who drove us to Bukit Genting Hill, our next destination in the afternoon.

Huey Yen, that suits you, you know?

Grew so tall for what? Haha...

Siao cha boh...

Ok, seriously, enough of camwhoring and it's time for dinner.

Perhaps I shouldn't regard this as a Penang Trip as there're still so many places to cover even in this small little island and we only travelled a very small portion of it.

However at least it compensated MayFour's will of travelling inter-state, and at least they had a sweet time mingling together before most of them entered university.

For more photos, please check out my photo album "Penang Trip" on Facebook.

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