May 24, 2015

Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Bing Go Jung
Having skipped lunch and gone slightly further down from home for Korean desserts on a Sunday afternoon is undeniably some kind of unanticipated event.

Suggested by one of my housemates who are into Korean culture and food, we took a bus ride down to Bukit Timah Plaza for the hidden gem - Bing Go Jung Korean Dessert House (okay it's hidden because I've never heard/seen/known about this place).

We're fortunate enough to find some seats, as it's said that you usually have to wait until you find a seat. Majority of the customers are Korean - this adds some flavor I guess?

We ordered 2 bingsus and 3 waffles. I was starving a bit as I didn't have lunch prior to that, thinking of ordering a bulgogi sandwich, but luckily I didn't. I realized that, one bingsu can feed 2 or even 3 - never underestimate the size of their bingsu.

Cheese Cake Bingsu @ $13
Meiji crackers dug! How dare they incorporate Japanese stuffs here...

Choco Brownie Bingsu @ $13
And dug here are Koko Krunch cereals...

Milk & Red Bean Bingsu @ $11
*This was ordered on another visit with Alison & Emilia on Sep 12, 2015.

Caramel & Cinnamon Waffle @ $13

Injeolmi Waffle @ $13

Hotteok Waffle @ $13
Can I say it's 90% similar to Injeolmi Waffle?

Not a bad idea at all to have some cold desserts during these warm days in Singapore, at least for me, it's just one bus ride away from home.

1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Singapore 588996
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.


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