May 23, 2015

Wawawa @ Bedok Reservoir Park

Wawawa - Bistro by the Reservoir
Who doesn't wanna have a slothful sleep on a rainy Saturday morning? I do but I couldn't, on the day when we had company team bonding event (for manufacturing engineers) at Forest Adventure located at Bedok Reservoir Park.

Supposed to start at 9am, the event was postponed to 2pm due to rainy weather. And I can't express further how terribly I hate rain water sipping into my shoes, it's just simply gross! Sacrificing a sweet dream on my bed, traveling all the way there, we were just merely unfortunate.

I didn't join the afternoon slot for Forest Adventure as I had busking session at Ngee Ann City in the afternoon, and because of that I had to bring my keyboard all over to Bedok and then to Orchard, when I could have gone straight from home to Orchard directly.

Well, We did however, have brunch at Wawawa - Bistro by the Reservoir (I still find the name comical), which was budgeted for - at least there's something to look forward to while stoning under the hut.

Strawberry Milkshake @ $8.90 | Iced Café Mocha @ $7.90

Wawawa English Breakfast @ $15.80
Scrambled eggs, hash brown, sautéed wild mushrooms, shallot marmalade, grilled bacon, sausage served with toasted brioche bread
The grilled bacon was too salty, luckily I have high tolerance for saltiness

German BBQ Pork Ribs Pizza @ $16.80
12inch classic German-style minced BBQ pork ribs, onions & cheddar cheese
Boon Kiat said this was one of the worst pizzas he's ever had :(

Smoked Salmon Pizza @ $16.80
12inch pizza topped with smoked salmon & cheese
I think this was not bad, and it's very filling for one person...

Team bonding game prize presentation

Industrial Engineers' Team Bonding (Cameron)

It would be great if the sky were bluer and clearer. This would make having a brunch by the reservoir a more sunny and gleeful event.

901 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 479266
Tel: 6285 8038

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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