Dec 27, 2014

Twenty Grammes @ North Bridge Road

Iced Mocha @ $6.50
The moment we stepped into Twenty Grammes, I was overwhelmed by the butterscotch smell, which I so badly wanted to soak in. :P

Prepare yourself to be served by the friendly staff over there. Some of their ice cream flavors are home made.

As the front yard of the cafe wasn't able to accommodate 5 of us, we're ushered to the back yard, where walls have no design but the cement-ish layout, which pretty much looks like nothing but a boom shelter, which is very near to the washrooms. But we're fine as long as we're not separated by different seats.

Christmas deco

Waffles w/ 2 scoops of ice cream @ $12.50
"Triple C" and Butterscotch (my favorite)

Mint Chocolate Cake @ $8.00

English Breakfast Tea @ $4.90
Obviously May spammed too much milk

Latte @ $5.00

Twenty Grammes
753 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198721
Tel: 6717 1733

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.