May 20, 2013

Gulmarg, India

This post is a sequel of Srinagar, India (Day 5).

3 of 3, 6 days Kashmir trip
5 of 5, 14 days India trip

Another day trip after Sonamarg. This time it's a town located 50km westwards from Srinagar.

And oh, check out our fancy fashionista attire bought in Srinagar.

Gulmarg literally means "Meadow of Flowers". Lying within the Himalayas, Gulmarg is also a hill station and a skiing spot.

We're going to take the highest cable car in Asia to the snow capped mountain. And the cable car is called 'Gondola'.

Ok, this is getting me confused as well, because in Venice, the boat is called Gondola and in India they call it Shikara while calling their cable car Gondola.

This is how the gondola network goes:
Gulmarg ⇌ Kungdoor (Phase 1) ⇌ Aparwath (Phase 2)

Kungdoor (Phase 1)
There are actually two phases of the gondola ride, Phase 1 to the mountainside at Kungdoor and Phase 2 to the peak at Aparwath.

We were actually encouraged by a random Indian guy to go to Aparwath before we joined the ticket queue, although we insisted to stick with our original plan - to go only to Kungdoor.

The ticket price is ₹600 for Gulmarg ⇌ Kungdoor (Phase 1) and ₹800 for Kungdoor (Phase 1) ⇌ Aparwath (Phase 2). So if we were to go to Phase 2 from Gulmarg station, the total cost will be ₹1,400 per person.

We went up to Kungdoor, looked at the mountain peak above and ahead of us, we regretted, that we didn't listen to the guy at Gulmarg station. As there's no way to purchase the ticket for Kungdoor (Phase 1) ⇌ Aparwath (Phase 2), we had to go back down to Gulmarg and purchase another two sets of return tickets and that made us spend ₹600 x 2 + ₹800 = ₹2,000 when we could have just spent ₹1,400.

And we met that random Indian guy again as we got back down and as expected he sneered at us for not listening to his advice earlier on. Whatever...

Nevertheless, it's never to late to regret and we made the right choice. So if you're coming to Gulmarg, please make sure you go all the way to Aparwath (Phase 2), you will never regret as I'm about to show you what is up there as you continue reading.

We're again approached by some Indians for group photo taking :)

You may have a snowball fight if you wish to.

If my photos aren't convincing enough to convey how breathtaking it was, then please go and witness for yourself. I have seriously never associated that image with India.

Furthermore, I totally didn't expect myself to be able to visit a snow capped place in India, and unexpectedly, I've come twice to such places during this fortnight long trip.

All the spectacularism and company are truly remarkable and unforgettable...

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.


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