May 12, 2013

Delhi, India

Delhi, India
दिल्ली, भारत

12 May 2013 (Sun)

2 of 5, 14 days India trip

Our flight details
12 May 2013 (Sun)
Cochin International Airport - Indira Gandhi International Airport
Flight: IndiGo (SGD118)
7:00AM ­- 10:05AM

Instead of "New Delhi" (the capital of India), I named this post and my photo album "Delhi" because in one single day we traveled to both New Delhi and Old Delhi which are located in the state of Delhi.

New Delhi Railway Station
From the airport, we made our way down to the New Delhi Railway Station via Delhi Metro.

We're not staying overnight here so we deposited our backpacks at the station luggage storage, and claimed them back at night when we're departing from the station.

Weather here wasn't as bad as Kochi at least, but as a capital of the country, it's expected that the traffic here is going to be so much more congested. Taking an auto rickshaw ride was like riding on a roller coaster - going through peaks and valleys, experiencing great centrifugal forces and huge inertia from acceleration and sudden brake. Sometimes the rickshaw drivers even scolded the others for not giving way or whatever reasons.

Due west opposite of the station lies the neighbourhood of Paharganj, where the main bazaar is located, and where we didn't have time to discover but only had lunch at (Cafe Nirvana Food Jewels).

Main Bazaar, Paharganj

Chicken Butter Masala (Bottom) @ ₹190
Chicken Shahi Korma (Top) @ ₹180
Aloo Tomato (Right) @ ₹100

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb
In the 16th century, India wasn't yet India, most regions of it belonged to the Mughal Empire, so did some regions of today's Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Located in New Delhi, Humayun's Tomb, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as the name implies, is a tomb to the 2nd emperor of that empire, Humayun, which was built 400 over years ago.

Like a strategically constructed fort, there're a few gateways and pathways that you need to pass through before seeing the main mosque-looking tomb.

The cenotaph

Isa Khan Niyazi's Tomb, another tomb complex nearby

Red Fort
Red Fort

Fort Kochi is seriously nothing compared to Red Fort, constructed by the 5th Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in the 17th century. Located in Old Delhi, Red Fort is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Red Fort was named so as the walls surrounding the fort was made of red sandstone.

The walls are really tall as you can see. As we're dropped at the other side of the fort, we had to walk along the side of the fort to the main gate where the Indian flag is planted, so that we can see the significant face of the fort. The main gate is called Lahore Gate due to its orientation towards Lahore, Pakistan.

Lahore Gate, Red Fort

Bajaj Vaishno Dhaba, Paharganj
We had our dinner back in Paharganj before moving forward to our next destination - Agra.

It's one pretty messy capital to me. There're people who kept tailing you and begging for money. There're even kids who kept poking you with their fingers while begging, be you a male or a female, how unprofessional.

Anyway, it's time to leave the city by train (3-hour-train ride departed at 6:40pm) on a 3rd class amenity (SGD11), and at the railway station we saw a double rainbow above us.

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