May 18, 2013

Sonamarg, India

This post is a sequel of Srinagar, India (Day 3).

2 of 3, 6 days Kashmir trip
5 of 5, 14 days India trip

We had our transport (finally a car not an auto rickshaw) arranged by our host which fetched us to Sonamarg for a day trip.

80km of driving distance, Sonamarg is located northeast from Srinagar, at an even higher altitude.

Brunch break at Kangan, half way through our journey

See the snow capped mountains behind us? I felt like standing in front of Mt. Fuji.

We've reached the foot of the mountains and there we got to choose to take a horse ride to the snow capped mountains or to walk all the way there. Of course we paid to ride the horse.

It's actually the first time in my life riding a horse, which didn't accelerate no matter how hard I kicked its ass or yelled 'chia' (which I think only works for Chinese horses? *Watched too many ancient China dramas already*), so did the rest. They only listen to their master's order.

It's scary when we're on those steep rocky hills, but cool when we literally 走馬看花 on the green plain, where you could easily find the horses' excrement. Urgh...

Oh, are we in the Mongolian plain?

Here we are, at the foot of the snowcapped mountains, and we're 'insistently' invited to board the sledge where they pulled us up to the mountainside and made us slide down the snowy slope to the foot again on the sledge, without actually giving us time to consider, and initially we're really indecisive of whether to accept their service.

Well, that's how they make money - letting you see how much effort they put in pulling a human weight of more than 50kg up slope, and it's a slippery snowy slope!

I always show this photo to my friend and make them guess which country is this. 'India' seldom fails to be a stunning answer.
It looks a little like Switzerland which I went last year.

And 'majestically' on our respective horses, we 'galloped' off the snow capped mountains and the vast plains.

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