Aug 4, 2010

DALK Surgery

I was diagnosed in Pantai Hospital, Penang to have keratoconus on both eyes and that's why my vision is so unclear to the extent that degrees cannot be tested by optimist, i.e. spectacles are useless for this kind of sickness.

Doctor Ho from Pantai Hospital has recommended me to Prof. Donald Tan from Singapore National Eye Cente (SNEC) for further solution as Malaysia doesn't have (I guess) any advance solution for this and if corneal transplant surgery is to be done, it's of course more technological advance in Singapore.

After consultation, I have decided to undergo DALK Surgery which costs around S$16,000. As you all know, consultation in Singapore, phew... is so costly if you're not a Singapore citizen or PR. Each consultation is around S$100 and the time you're spending on consultation is just a few minutes, my goodness....

In an early morning, that was my first time wearing like this (with disposable underwear some more, tsk tsk tsk...).

I will undergo the surgery under general anesthesia, which means I will be in a state of unconsciousness. Oh yeah, if not, I can't imagine what am I going to see.

The surgery took 1.5 hours, and I don't even know what was happening during the process.
After surgery, my right eye was covered with a patch, thank God it went smoothly and thank my friends who paid me a visit. General anesthesia really made me feel so drowsy and tired.

After a few months, my right eyesight improved while my left eyesight regressed until it almost can't be used to identify an object clearly. So actually, I'm quite blessed that I had undergone this surgery before anything was too late and if I didn't, HOW WAS I GOING TO GO FOR EXAMS?! Haha...

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.