Sep 15, 2020

Mystic Blue Preserved Flower Dome from Fav Florist

Mystic Blue Preserved Flower Dome
Over the past few months I've received several flower bouquets from florists.

While bouquets stand out as an elegant gift, I'm personally less inclined toward them as they have very little to no retention value - they wilt, and thereafter the receiver would be in a dilemma of struggling with finding ways to make them useful or disposing them, and the latter is synonymous with absolute waste.

I was blessed with a Mystic Blue Preserved Flower Dome from Fav Florist. Its product description says "Want something that last forever? A flower dome is the perfect gift for you.", well it definitely is.

Set in a classy black gift box, its delicate appearance alongside the mystical blue rose surely characterizes itself as a glamorous art piece, especially when lit with LED lights in the dark. Running on 3 AAA batteries, you can light the dome up anywhere at home. The product page says that batteries are not included, but I received the flower dome with all batteries in place anyway.

All in all, it's genuinely pleasant to be receiving flowers in a relatively unconventional and long-lasting form.

Apart from flower bouquets and flower domes, Fav Florist also offers Cake & Flower Bundles, an ideal gift option for your loved ones, not to mention the free delivery islandwide.

WhatsApp: +65 9173 7748
Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #01-30 Singapore 575629

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Sep 12, 2020


As an occasion to celebrate my girlfriend's belated birthday and our first anniversary in advance, I picked EMPRESS over the fact that my girlfriend enjoys Chinese cuisine and that "exquisite dining" is googled, EMPRESS showed up in one of the blog reviews in one of the search results.

Located at the Asian Civilisations Museum by the Singapore River, the dining setting at one of the Privé Group brands is a synthesis of vintage and vogue, with a little garnish of traditional Chinese flavor.

Their Empress Signatures Sharing Menu comes with:

  • Snack of the Day
  • Appetisers (2 per table)
  • Soup (choose 1, served in individual bowls)
  • Triple Roast Platter
  • Mains (choose 2 per table, sharing)
  • Rice & Noodles (choose 1 per table, sharing)
  • Desserts (choose 1, individual portions)
In essence, the menu serves a 5-course-meal, priced at $65/person, which would total up to $130 for 2 persons.

This is what I find confusing. The menu entails the dishes diner(s) would get, but it doesn't specify the criteria of ordering from the menu (eg. 2 persons). So if I patronized alone, and I ordered from the menu (which I'm eligible as the menu doesn't have any pax-size-restriction), I'd expect to get all the listed item above and pay $65 since I'm the only person at the table. I'd suggest that they simply price the menu at $130.

Nevertheless, dining at EMPRESS was an enjoyable one.

Snack of the Day


Deep-Fried Salmon Skin, Tofu & Salted Egg Yolk (front)
Crispy Cod "Bi Feng Tang"-Style (back)


Double-Boiled Superior Soup in Young Coconut

King Prawn Dumpling in Supreme Broth

Half pint Archipelago Bohemian Lager @ $7
From Happy Hour Menu (Daily from 5pm to 8pm)

Triple Roast Platter

Sep 7, 2020

Premium Chocolate Fudge Cake from Cake Delivery Singapore

Just in time for my lover's birthday, Cake Delivery Singapore invited me to try out their 9.5" Premium Chocolate Fudge Cake.

I selected the delivery slot of 9:45am - 10:45am, but the delivery was only made at about 11:15am. Nonetheless, the cake arrived in adequately chilled condition.

Their freshly baked Chocolate Fudge Cake is made of rich and smooth chocolate with the right amount of sweetness. Measured at 9.5" (24 cm) in diameter, the 1.6kg cake is suitable for cutting into 12 generous slices.

PS: Candles (big/small) and Happy Birthday topper are requestable.

Aug 8, 2020

DIY Terrarium Kit from Masons Home Decor

In the past, I've received fully fabricated terrariums from florists.

Recently, Masons Home Decor sent me their huge box of DIY Terrarium Kit, so I can curate the terrarium from scratch to occupy my National Day weekend with my girlfriend.

What's inside:
  • 1 set of shovels
  • 1 spray bottle
  • 3 assorted bags of decorative pebbles
  • 4 assorted succulents
  • 2 miniature ornaments
  • 2 glass jars (1 big and 1 small)
  • 1 bag of premium terrarium mix (soil)

What's missing (as compared to the listed contents on their product page):
  • Welcome note
  • Step by step instructions

It's already upsetting that the step by step instructions are not found anywhere in the box, there are no stickers/labels for the bags as well.

My girlfriend and I had to Google what are the correct steps from the start.

First, we covered the bottom of the glass jar with small rocks, serving as the water drainage layer.

Then, we added a layer of soil (or activated charcoal? I don't know, there's no labeling).

Despite the absence of instruction manual and bag labels, we still manage to create some pretty awesome terrariums (I think?).

WhatsApp: +65 9618 3746

Jul 15, 2020

Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet from One Hour Florist

Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet
Just in time for my 10th monthsary with my lover, One Hour Florist sent me their signature Surprise Hand Bouquet.

Comes with complimentary printed card message, One Hour Florist's Premium Surprise Hand Bouquet is packed with premium juicy and fresh roses, carefully put together with the complementing flower fillers and assorted greens.

Each bouquet is creatively made according to the information provided by the customers:
  • Age of Recipient
  • Relationship with Recipient
  • Occasion
  • One Word to Describe Him/Her
I actually ordered the bouquet the day before at 5:30pm and was expecting the delivery to be made at 8:00pm that day, unfortunately the bouquet did not arrive despite having contacted them via WhatsApp.

They replied me the next morning and informed me that their orders actually cut off at 4:00pm and there may be a system glitch, and therefore my order could go through. Anyway they delivered the bouquet that morning. So be sure to take note of this and check with them before you place your order.

Order now from One Hour Florist and get your flowers delivered within an hour.

WhatsApp: +65 9396 1872