Jun 30, 2020

8 Durian

I was recently invited by 8 Durian to try out their premium grade AAA Mao Shan Wang (aka 貓山王 / Musang King) durians in spite of my distaste for durians. Nevertheless, I invited some of my friends to bask in this lavishness.

From Pahang High Mountain Plantation

Arrived in heat sealed boxes and slightly chilled for quality guarantee assurance, 8 Durian offers authentic and premium Mao Shan Wang durians harvested from their private high mountain plantation in Pahang.

The durian costs $23.50/kg, and each box contains approximately 450g of durian flesh which comes from 1.8kg of durian husk.
The math: each box of durian costs $23.50/kg × 1.8kg/box = $42.30/box*.
*Rate may change from time to time.

8 Durian ensures that the wholesomeness of their durians is not compromised—they space out durian trees in their plantation to prevent overcrowding (as overcrowding causes trees to fight for sunlight and nutrients, resulting in dehydration) and only organic fertilizers are used (instead of potent fertilizers). The outcome of it is a fruit that is creamy and bitter with predominantly small seeds.

You may read more on why their durians are better.

Jun 20, 2020

Surprise Bloom Box from FARM Florist

Surprise Bloom Box (large)
Surprise and delight, delivered by the expressive Surprise Bloom Box curated by FARM Florist.

An alternative to standard bouquet such as nosegay, I feel that bloom box presents an extraordinary identity of flower arrangement, which equally brings a smile on the receiver's face.

Along with assorted flower fillers, FARM Florist's bloom boxes come in two sizes:
  • Standard size ($35): 3 stalks of primary flowers
  • Large size ($65): 6 stalks of primary flowers
And their primary flowers may be sunflowers, roses, lilies, or gerberas.

I want to thank FARM Florist for sending me their lovely bloom box to my doorstep. It would be great if they put in extra efforts in better securing the adhesion of the paper material.

FARM Florist partners with flower farms that do not overlook issues such as unfair manpower rights, ease of being infected with diseases, and even slavery. This gives us the confidence that patronizing FARM Florist is analogous to abstaining from such inhumane practices.

For affordable, puffy, and presentable flower bouquets delivered anywhere islandwide in 1 hour, visit FARM Florist.

WhatsApp: +65 9618 3746
E-mail: hello@farmflorist.com

Operating Hours
Strictly by appointment only
2:00pm to 7:00pm daily

Jun 9, 2020

8 Crabs Seafood Kitchen

How does a scrumptious feast during the Circuit Breaker period look like to you?

Big thanks to 8 Crabs for inviting me to try out their award-winning chilli crab alongside some of the local favorite dishes, all delivered to my humble abode. Grateful to be enjoying this plentiful meal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meatier Crabs from 8 Crabs

Crabs naturally travel about 500 m every night and prefer to live alone. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very easily in captivity as many farms cannot replicate their natural habitat. When stressed, crabs produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition of seafood.

Most restaurants purchase farmed crabs because they are cheaper. As a result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell.

8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This is graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade. This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.

Mar 8, 2018

Succulent Terrarium from Floral Garage Singapore

Feeling bored with the emptiness of your office desk? Or getting tired with the dull environment of your living room?

Placing a terrarium in your living room or on your office desk will certainly deliver liveliness and brighten up your mood with its natural touch.

Big thanks to Floral Garage Singapore for sending me this simple yet lovely Succulent Terrarium. Not only it's a great birthday gift for myself, I can use it to add some color to my living room.

This is an open terrarium as succulents adapt to dry climates, and this allows air flow in the terrarium to prevent excess moisture.

Busy people like us, however, tend to forget watering and rendering adequate care to plants. This make succulent terrarium a perfect one to keep for these people (because it's so easy to maintain).

Simple tips to care for a succulent terrarium

  • Light
    • Succulents have a preference for bright or direct light.
    • You want to place your succulent terrarium in a spot with sufficient and adequate light, but at the same time monitor and make adjustment as the glass may have refracted and magnified direct sunlight, causing your succulents to burn.
  • Water
    • Succulents are drought tolerant because they're able to store water in their stems and leaves. Water when the soil has gone almost completely dry.
    • Rule of thumb: Water once a fortnight
    • Watering terraria with spray bottle is pretty common, but be careful not to leave obvious water marks on the inside of the glass.
    • When you notice shriveled leaves, it's time to water. If you notice spongy and dark-colored leaves, you're probably watering too much.

Check out their website for a variety of terraria which you too can use for a green decoration idea. They also deliver products like hand bouquets, dried flowers, bridal bouquets, flower stand, party supplies and hampers.

Floral Garage Singapore

Call: (65) 6282 2813
WhatsApp: (65) 9387 8871
Email: service@floralgaragesg.com

Operating hours

Weekdays: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 1pm

756 Upper Serangoon Road
#03-34, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre
Singapore 534626

Jan 27, 2018

Laptop Table from Primero

First of all, thanks Primero for sending me a Sato Classic Laptop Mobile Cart to try out.

If you didn't know, Primero is a newly emerged online furniture store in Singapore, which focuses on wide range of trendy yet affordable Scandinavian styled furniture.

Let's talk about this laptop mobile cart, not only it's sturdy and wide, it even has a separate mouse table to allow the user to alter the height, because I would say it's ergonomic that mouse is at the elbow height and the laptop screen is at eye level. I don't like to strain my neck for looking at my laptop screen downwards, so this is definitely a plus point.

Besides, it's a mobile cart, I can literally drag it to my bedside or the couch wherever I feel like using my laptop.

What about iPad or Kindle? Similarly, I find this laptop table ergonomic for use of such devices as well, with the surface being able to rotate clockwise-anticlockwise and tilt up-down, especially for readers and musicians. Move this laptop table with you to wherever you feel like reading or playing your instrument with a music score on your iPad.

Do check out Primero's new arrivals, they provide free shipping and installation services for purchases over $100.