Jul 30, 2012

The Soup Spoon & Fruit Paradise @ Raffles City Shopping Centre

The last time Sy Jia, Gareth and I met together was 12,000km away, back in Lund, Sweden. We're meeting again that day in Raffles City Shopping Centre. Why the trio? 3 of us went for church fellowship every Wednesday when we're doing Student Exchange Programme in Lund University.

Sy Jia and I has randomly settled down in The Soup Spoon while waiting for Gareth who was supposed to be late for an hour but being late for one and a half hour. Ya, and that's the Gareth we know, in addition to Sy Jia's "and you never fail to make me angry".

Roasted Pumpkin w/ Smoked Ham & Cheese sandwich and Iced Lemon Tea @ $11.20

I was going to order Beef Goulash, but I compared the calories amount (307 cal) to the Roasted Pumpkin's (130 cal), I changed my decision, which wasn't a good idea though, the Roasted Pumpkin soup was almost tasteless, even after adding salt and pepper. That explains the lower calories amount, right?

I ordered a Souper Value Meal, and so it came with a sandwich and a cup of drinks with a top up of $4.80.

After dinner, either Sy Jia or Gareth suggested having desserts in Fruit Paradise, a Japanese fruit tart shop.

The late guy continued his presentation and discussion about his cafe, Sidewalk Gallery Cafe.

Nutty Caramel ナッティーキャラメル @ $6.80/slice

Baked Chocolate Montblanc ベイクドチョコレートモンブラン @ $7.80/slice

The Baked Chocolate Montblanc should contain alcohol but I didn't find it alcoholic at all. The tarts have very crunchy base and they're so so yummy.

Ya, he's the unpunctual guy - Gareth. Haha...

Raffles City Shopping Centre
#B1-61 (The Soup Spoon), #B1-44F (Fruit Paradise)
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179101

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Jul 29, 2012

The Banana Leaf Apolo @ Little India

Wil Sen didn't enroll in Student Exchange Programme in India just to gain insights into foreign cultures and unforgettable overseas experience, he's gonna be the ambassador of the well-known Indian cuisine to all of us. :)

And so after church with him and Emilia, he suggested to have lunch in The Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India.

Papadums were served as appetizer while waiting for the dishes to come.

South Indian Vegetarian Meals (Rasam, curd, sambal, vegetable korma, karai gravy, pickles) @ $8.00

Out of all these only the potatoes on the left favored my taste bud.
The rest... I found them hard to be eaten with usual expression - they just tasted weird to me, even for the fish curry.

Apolo Chicken Masala (on the right) @ $5.00

Briyani Rice with Vegetables @ $3.50

Plain Rice with Vegetables @ $3.00

Gobi Manchurian (Fried cauliflower sauteed with oriental spices) @ $9.00

I honestly don't think I'm cut out to rate the food because apparently my taste bud and stomach aren't designed for Indian cuisine. However Gobi Manchurian was awesome for me, although my tongue couldn't actually take the spiciness. Ya I know I'm a rare Penangite with low spiciness tolerance.

Emilia and Wil Sen seemed to have a sensational lunch. So if you're into Indian cuisine, try it out, and there're a lot more genuine dishes in the menu that we didn't order.

Plus, papadums and water are free and refillable.

54, Race Course Road,
Singapore 218564

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 22, 2012

李佳薇 - 煎熬 (Cover)







早知道 你只是飛鳥 擁抱後 手中只剩下
羽毛 當初你又何必浪費
那麼多咖啡和玫瑰 來打擾

我想要 安靜的思考 天平上 讓愛恨不再
動搖 一想你就平衡不了
我關燈還是關不掉 這風暴

心一跳 愛就開始煎熬 每一分 每一秒
火在燒 燒成灰有多好 叫思念 不要吵
我相信我已經快要 快要把你忘掉
跟寂寞 再和好

得不到 也不要乞討 怎麼做 不需要別人
轉告 在陷得太深的海底
我也只剩下我自己 能依靠

心一跳 愛就開始煎熬 每一分 每一秒
火在燒 燒成灰有多好 叫思念 不要吵
我相信我已經快要 快要把你忘掉
跟寂寞 再和好

我相信我已經快要 是真的我快要
快要可以微笑 去面對 下一個 擁抱

視頻是在我房間裡錄的。影音文件是從相機裡取出存進電腦的。聲音素質有些怪,因為經過了Adobe Audition CS6的雜音消除過程,而視頻是經過Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5編輯的。歌詞輸入真的要人命,而且也是最麻煩又耗精費神的了。




Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 19, 2012

Maxim Dim Sum @ Taman Pekaka

Maxim Dim Sum 美食之家
Having caught up with Emilia and Alex last month at VivoCity in Singapore when I came back from Sweden gave me the warmth I yearned for after staying in Europe for 5 months.

Now they're back in Penang for a few days and I was able to meet the exact same people again coincidentally, but in Penang this time. Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant shall be the place 3 of us congregate for the last time in Penang, as Alex's going to work soon in Subang while Emilia and I will continue our final year in NUS. Oh, and because 3 of us are from NUS, we have relatively more common topics to kaypo about. It's therefore definitely a good time to cherish, we don't usually meet friends from NUS in our hometown.

Having breakfast in this dim sum restaurant at 10am was suggested by Emilia because it's nearer to her home, however in spite of that, I was asked to pick her up and drop her back home.

Har gow 蝦餃 (Shrimp dumplings) @ RM3.00

Shumai 燒賣 (Pork dumplings) @ RM2.00

Fish balls 魚丸 @ RM2.60

Chee cheong fun 豬腸粉 (Rice noodle roll) @ RM3.00

Tieguanyin 鐵觀音 @ RM0.80

Egg tart 蛋撻 @ RM1.50

Shrimp rolls 蝦捲 @ RM3.50

Lo mai gai 糯米雞 (Steamed sticky rice with chicken) @ RM2.80

Custard buns 流沙包 @ RM3.50

Yong Tau Fu 釀豆腐 (Stuffed bean curd) @ RM3.50

Delicious and affordable are the food, so make sure you check it out whenever you feel like yum-ing cha with your buddies. Location wise, if you know where Tesco Extra Sungai Dua is, you'll find Taman Pekaka - due south from Tesco Extra.

Alex, we wish you 開工大吉!!! (and wait for your treat ^^)

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant
Bangunan Lip Sin 2-G-11 & 12, Lebuh Pekaka 1,
Sungai Dua, 11700 Gelugor,
Penang, Malaysia.

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 16, 2012

Just Caffe @ Green Hall Road

Excuse me Min Yao, that's mine... ^^
A tiring badminton session at Permata Sports Complex in the morning and lunch at the Esplanade coffee shop are followed by a chit chatting session in Just Caffe at 3:45pm, with Min Yao, Jung Chin, Li Ting and Wei Ching.

After a while I realized who's the one that came up with the idea.
Just Caffe is operated by one of Min Yao's friends, acquainted in her college (Carleton College) in the U.S.
That tells why they have a number of Caucasian customers despite being a small cafe in quite an isolated neighborhood. Well, one certainly knows if he/she can tell where SEGi College Penang or Penang House of Prayer (PenHOP) is located.

We only had drinks there and the prices of food & drinks are considerably reasonable taking into consideration that it attracts foreigners.

It's cozy inside and if you feel too cold, you can have a seat outside. But don't pay your visit too late as it closes at 5pm.

Besides, it's quite new as it just opened on 30 June 2012.

Latte @ RM8

Jasmine Tea @ RM6 & Caramel Iced Latte @ RM11

For some reason, Min Yao and I actually ordered the exact same drink (Caramel Iced Latte) but hers was a glass and mine was a plastic cup although I've mentioned that I'm having in. My English accent isn't American enough eh?

While drinking, we were discussing about some more in-depth topic - Christianity, religions, beliefs. Apparently Wei Ching was interested to know more about these subjects and the philosophy of them.
Min Yao first astounded Wei Ching by bringing her loads of readings and books related to these topics, which surprised me because I guessed that's a bit too overwhelming. Jung Chin, Min Yao and her were more involved in the conversation while Li Ting and I were rather listeners.

I thought it's a meaningful discussion as Wei Ching was willing to listen and more susceptible to the teaching than I expected, and I learnt the way to start a topic about Christianity to first tackle the general doubts a typical non believer has. Having talked over these once again touched me spiritually when I recalled the works He did on earth.

The discussion went on for an hour, which brought us to the closing time of the cafe, that's when we got dismissed. Li Ting who's having headache needed to take a rest; and I'll have to drop Min Yao at her aunt's place.

Just Caffe
Ground Floor, 52 Green Hall Road,
10200 Penang, Malaysia.

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 12, 2012

Hatsune Miku 初音ミク - Dream Light

やっと、僕の初めて作曲した日本語の歌ができて、Vocaloid 2初音ミクに歌わせた「Dream Light」っていう歌。嬉しい!!





I've finally finished composing my first ever Japanese song, and by using Vocaloid 2, I made Hatsune Miku sing this song, which I named "Dream Light". I'm damn delighted and satisfied!!

Besides, I made a video (not an MV actually) and uploaded it to YouTube, ah... it's like a dream to me, never thought I would manage to complete such project.

I wanna hereby thank my Japanese 5 teacher, Nagami sensei for commenting and correcting my lyric and Theong Siang (also from Chung Ling High School) for looking over my lyric.

Too bad my current Japanese proficiency doesn't allow me to write too fancy lyric.

But anyway, enjoy!!


雨雲を通り抜けると 不思議なこと起こるはずよ

あのオーロラは 夢 希望の種を 照らす
まだ消えてしまわないうちに よく祈る 明るい場所で

微笑みの裏に 瞳の叫びが 涙をぬぐうように

青空にドリームの心 朝日が昇ってるところ
雨雲を通り抜けると 不思議なこと起こるはずよ

そのオーロラは 夢 未来の道を 点す
暗闇に負けそうなときにも 思い出せ あの笑い声を

頭に残った 記憶のメロディは 笑顔を取り戻すの

青空にドリームの心 朝日が昇ってるところ
雨雲を通り抜けると 不思議なこと起こるはずよ

青空にドリームの心 朝日が昇ってるところ
雨雲を通り抜けると 不思議なこと起こるはずよ 起こってるよ

このオーロラは 夢


Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 7, 2012

Penang Bowl

After visiting the charity bazaar in my secondary school, Chung Ling High School (in line with its 95th anniversary), Wooi Siang, Jia Horng, Leong Chye and I continued our day playing bowling at Penang Bowl.

We played 2 games @ RM9 (RM4 each game and RM1 for shoe rental), no student price after 1pm.
The last time I played bowling before this was, erm.... a year ago or something like that... and then I cleaned the drains so many times for the first game, so discouraging but for the second game...

147!!! Guess what, my best so far, 3 points more then my previous record, although this is definitely not something a regular bowler takes pride in but hey, for a complete bowling amateur who doesn't even have a correct posture of releasing the bowling ball onto the lane like me, it's an achievement right? Haha... Getting a turkey would make me a better day though.

Seriously, I just need to keep the ball straight to the middle pin to score high. But how, the ball is just always so disobedient. Else, scoring >200 wouldn't be of great effort isn't it? I don't know... hmmm...

38 Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +604-2634702

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

Jul 2, 2012

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I took a video of my youngest brother, Jonathan Tham Yao Ming, saying a random quote in January before I left for student exchange programme in Sweden and just finished adding subtitle to the video to make it more laughable.


Please subscribe to my channel, so that I can buy myself and iPod, and an iPad, and also an iPhone. Thank you!

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.