Jul 16, 2012

Just Caffe @ Green Hall Road

Excuse me Min Yao, that's mine... ^^
A tiring badminton session at Permata Sports Complex in the morning and lunch at the Esplanade coffee shop are followed by a chit chatting session in Just Caffe at 3:45pm, with Min Yao, Jung Chin, Li Ting and Wei Ching.

After a while I realized who's the one that came up with the idea.
Just Caffe is operated by one of Min Yao's friends, acquainted in her college (Carleton College) in the U.S.
That tells why they have a number of Caucasian customers despite being a small cafe in quite an isolated neighborhood. Well, one certainly knows if he/she can tell where SEGi College Penang or Penang House of Prayer (PenHOP) is located.

We only had drinks there and the prices of food & drinks are considerably reasonable taking into consideration that it attracts foreigners.

It's cozy inside and if you feel too cold, you can have a seat outside. But don't pay your visit too late as it closes at 5pm.

Besides, it's quite new as it just opened on 30 June 2012.

Latte @ RM8

Jasmine Tea @ RM6 & Caramel Iced Latte @ RM11

For some reason, Min Yao and I actually ordered the exact same drink (Caramel Iced Latte) but hers was a glass and mine was a plastic cup although I've mentioned that I'm having in. My English accent isn't American enough eh?

While drinking, we were discussing about some more in-depth topic - Christianity, religions, beliefs. Apparently Wei Ching was interested to know more about these subjects and the philosophy of them.
Min Yao first astounded Wei Ching by bringing her loads of readings and books related to these topics, which surprised me because I guessed that's a bit too overwhelming. Jung Chin, Min Yao and her were more involved in the conversation while Li Ting and I were rather listeners.

I thought it's a meaningful discussion as Wei Ching was willing to listen and more susceptible to the teaching than I expected, and I learnt the way to start a topic about Christianity to first tackle the general doubts a typical non believer has. Having talked over these once again touched me spiritually when I recalled the works He did on earth.

The discussion went on for an hour, which brought us to the closing time of the cafe, that's when we got dismissed. Li Ting who's having headache needed to take a rest; and I'll have to drop Min Yao at her aunt's place.

Just Caffe
Ground Floor, 52 Green Hall Road,
10200 Penang, Malaysia.

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