Jul 7, 2012

Penang Bowl

After visiting the charity bazaar in my secondary school, Chung Ling High School (in line with its 95th anniversary), Wooi Siang, Jia Horng, Leong Chye and I continued our day playing bowling at Penang Bowl.

We played 2 games @ RM9 (RM4 each game and RM1 for shoe rental), no student price after 1pm.
The last time I played bowling before this was, erm.... a year ago or something like that... and then I cleaned the drains so many times for the first game, so discouraging but for the second game...

147!!! Guess what, my best so far, 3 points more then my previous record, although this is definitely not something a regular bowler takes pride in but hey, for a complete bowling amateur who doesn't even have a correct posture of releasing the bowling ball onto the lane like me, it's an achievement right? Haha... Getting a turkey would make me a better day though.

Seriously, I just need to keep the ball straight to the middle pin to score high. But how, the ball is just always so disobedient. Else, scoring >200 wouldn't be of great effort isn't it? I don't know... hmmm...

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