Oct 29, 2011

Ajisen Ramen @ Clementi Mall

Iced Green Tea and Lemon Tea (for sets)
It's the day Joling and Hooi Tin left for Johore, marking the end of their 4 days 3 nights Singapore trip. Hope that they did have fun here.

I brought them to Clementi Mall and treated them for lunch before sending them off.
And ya, anyhow picked a not-so-cheap & not-so-expensive restaurant in the mall, Ajisen Ramen 味千拉麵.

Seafood Katsu シーフードカツフライ & White Fish 白身魚フライ (Side dishes for sets)

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen 照り焼きチキンソースラーメン ($13.90 for set)

Spicy Cha-Shu Ramen ピリ辛チャーシューラーメン ($13.90 for set)

Aso Ramen 阿蘇ラーメン ($7.90)

Before they really departed from Clementi Station after lunch, since we're already at Clementi, then must let Hooi Tin try out KOI Bubble Tea, which is so crazily craved for across the island.


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