Nov 4, 2011

Bicycle Playing Cards

Finally!! And finally I've got myself my first (two) decks of Bicycle Playing Cards.

Blue and Red Standard Decks at $4.50 each (U.P. $5 each)

It started when I went to pay the flight ticket fees to Sweden at Chinatown on a Friday since I have no lectures to attend for. Since I was already out, it makes sense that I drop by VivoCity to scout for some useful stuffs besides enquiring about mobile plan renewal and number portability.

I started surfing the net to find that whether there is anywhere that I can buy a Bicycle deck, and Toy Outpost was the only appropriate result. Lucky me, I really found the decks there and they do sell the Standard Decks (cheapest ones).

By the way, I bought Bicycle not for playing but to practice and perform card magic tricks. I probably would use only the lousy decks I have to play card games with friends.

Reasons? Bicycle Playing Cards are the most quality playing cards one can find on the earth's surface.
All famous magicians like Lu Chen, Cyril Takayama and David Blaine use them as well.

The cards are really smooth and this makes it a lot easier to do spreading, fanning, multiple lifting etc, apart from nice touching feel.

Also, I realized that each deck contains a Red/Blue Double Backed Card. This is prepared to perform Color Changing Deck magic.

Check out the Bicycle Rider Back Poker Playing Cards - 2 Decks now at Amazon for ONLY US$2.95!!

Toy Outpost – Vivocity
1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity #02-27
Singapore 098585

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