Nov 28, 2011

Panasonic Lumix GF3

Yes!!! I've got what I've been aspiring for recently.

It's the last day of Gurney Plaza Camera Fair 2011 and my family visited just to buy Lumix GF3 for me.
Honestly, I felt quite embarrassed seeing my dad insistently bargaining for the package discount and freebies (quite proud of him ironically).

For RM2150, I got:
• The camera with a 14mm pancake lens and 14-42mm zoom lens
• 8GB SD Card
• Camera bag
• Samsonite bag
• Toiletries case
• Lumix Exclusive Cleaning Kit with mini tripod, cloth, card reader, SD card holder, blower etc
• Umbrella

Lumix GF3 is so far the world's smallest and lightest interchangable lens camera. Indeed, when I compared it with Nikon D40 which I'd been using before that, I was quite astonished by the difference in size and weight.
In spite of that, the quality of image and video shouldn't be underestimated.
Touch screen is truely also a wonderful feature that makes photo shooting experience easier and fun.

The 6 color effects in Creative Control mode

Here's a test video I've taken using Creative Control: Retro, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

I'm not actually writing a review for this camera (by the way, there're so many useful reviews outside that there's no need for me to do one), just to share my happiness and excitement.

Thank you dad, I shall make it my Christmas present in advance :)

Check out the Lumix GF3 at Amazon at a special price of US$379!
You can get the body only at US$229!

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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