Jul 15, 2011

Olive Vine @ Marina Square

After the city tour with Malaysian freshmen, a few of us, the seniors were trying so hard to find affordable restaurants in Marina Square to have our dinner because set dinner is usually not cheap.

At a very isolated corner in the mall at level B1, we found an affordable one - Olive Vine.

This is the menu of their very cheap set meals

And the menu for a la carte dishes
Set Meal: Add $2 for drink
Deluxe Set Meal: Add $4 for drink, soup and dessert of the day (your choice)

As we entered the restaurant, the music played was You Raise Me Up, ok nothing's wrong, but it followed by In Christ Alone, and followed by more Christian songs. I was like, huh, how come?!

While we're queuing to order, I saw this tiny little rock in front of the cash register.
Awww~~ suddenly I could feel the warmth...

After I checked out their website, I saw scriptures even in the index page - this restaurant must have something to do with Christianity. Awww~~

Then I also found this scripture on the table:

Some awards of theirs


Crispy Chicken Arrabiata - Spicy ($9.90)
The extreme spiciness comes from the spaghetti, not the chicken

Chicken Steak - BBQ Sauce ($8.90)

Chicken Cutlet w/ Fries ($8.90)

Fruit Punch and Ice Lemon Tea (The glasses are quite big)

Coffee Carrot Cake (Dessert)

Custard Balls (Dessert)

I had a great time there. You don't easily find a restaurant where you can listen to Christian songs while having your meal.
Thanks for being soothing Olive Vine. :)

6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square #B1-17 (Marina Link)
Singapore 039594

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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