Jul 24, 2011

Pork Rib Soup @ Alexandra Village Food Centre

It's another lunch after Sunday service. This time's somewhere near Queenstown - Alexandra Village Food Centre.

We should've alighted at Opp Queensway Shop Ctr from bus 195, but we walked there from Bef Ikea Ind Bldg after alighting.

The food centre is quite big however quite a number of stalls weren't opened, probably due to Sunday.

As we're finding what to eat, we noticed a lot of people eating 肉骨茶 (Bak Kut Teh, or Pork Rib Soup) and there're a few Bak kut teh stalls. They look delicious but which stall to choose from? Ok lah, the one with the longest queue then. Lol~

Anyhow ordered from the Bak kut teh stall which was having the longest queue there.

諒記砂鍋當歸肉骨茶 Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib Soup, next to Mr. Avocado
(I was told by Emilia that it's famous of its avocado milkshake, so we got each glass for one of us)

Tempted by the smell of the boiling soup in the claypots. By the way, I spent more than 10 minutes queuing.

當歸肉骨茶 Pork Rib Soup [literally it should be Angelica sinensis Pork Rib Soup] ($4) with rice ($0.50)

油條 Oil stick ($1) is often eaten with Bak kut teh by dipping it into the soup

Avocado Milkshake ($2.50)
Despite having only garlic and 3 pieces of pork ribs in the soup, it was considerably rich in taste, probably due to the smell of Angelica sinensis, which for me the most aromatic Chinese herbal of all. Haha...

The soup was not very concentrated as well, yet it brought up the taste.

For the avocado milkshake, well, I hadn't even tried any drinks of avocado before until then and therefore I didn't know how does avocado taste like. After my first time trying avocado milkshake, I think: "Avocado + Milkshake = Pandan". That's funny but it really tasted like pandan to me, perhaps due to the milk.

Luckily the milk somehow covered the avocado smell because I think maybe I won't like the mere avocado taste. Or it does really taste like pandan in fact, since I've never tried avocado before.

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