Jul 29, 2011


Punggol LRT Station
Punggol is the second place I planned to bring Joling to, upon her trip to Singapore this time.

My inspiration came from friend's Facebook photo which I browsed through, and with some guidance on the way to travel there by reading people's blog, I believe we're able to reach that particular district of Punggol, at my very first time.

We took bus to HarbourFront Stn and it's my first time taking a terminal-to-terminal (HarbourFront Stn to Punggol Stn) ride on MRT, as well as my first time travelling on the Punggol LRT.

LRT Station: Riviera LRT Stn
Bus Stop: Opp Blk 166A
According to the blog I read, Riviera LRT Station is the nearest stop, so we reached there by travelling on the Punggol LRT. Then turned right after tapping out, because obviously there's the wilderness side without the HDBs, then walked down the staircase and saw the bus stop Opp Blk 166A, the nearest one to Riviera LRT Station on one side.

Walk along the Punggol East (road) towards the southwest direction and you'll reach Tebing Lane where you'll definitely see a Chinese temple.

The Chinese Temple @ Tebing Lane
I remember the blog I read mentioned this Chinese temple which we wouldn't miss while taking our way there, but we're a bit lost - whether should we turn into Tebing Lane or proceed our way to Punggol Field.

My instinct told me to turn into Tebing Lane, which was proved to be correct when we saw Popeyes from far, and soon we reached the most remarkable spot - @PUNGGOL.

Behind that area, there's a river called Sungei Serangoon, and along it there's a pathway to walk, jog, cycle and skate on.

Rice plants

Sungei Serangoon

One can consider to bring an umbrella along while walking along the pathway without shade.


We took our way towards northeast and at the edge there's this Serangoon Bridge, which is built across Sungei Serangoon and linked to the Lorong Halus Wetland.

Lorong Halus Wetland

We didn't explore into the deeper side of Lorong Halus Wetland, instead we took our way back to the 'mainland' and got back to the @PUNGGOL area to have dinner at Frienzie Bar & Bistro.

I had a pretty similar thinking as the one after we traveled to Chinese Garden - this rural side of Singapore is so worth visiting owing to its inherited natural beauty, as well as a surprise that there's one such place in a big modern city like Singapore.

For more photos, please check out my photo album "Punggol" on Facebook.

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