Jul 28, 2011

Chinese Garden & Japanese Garden

View from Chinese Garden MRT Station
Every time I travel to Boon Lay, I pass by Chinese Garden Station, and I remember seeing a pagoda due south without realizing that there's actually a Chinese Garden 裕華園 there, until I found out from other people's blog, and for a moment I thought it's somewhere in China.

Japanese Garden 星和園 is located adjacently to Chinese Garden, connected by a bridge.

My dear Joling came to Singapore for another visit and these shall be few of the places I'd bring her to.

Travelling there is easy - take MRT and alight at  EW25  Chinese Garden along the  East West Line  and take a 5-minute-walk from the station towards the direction of the pagoda along the pathway to the entrance (entrance is free).

We visited the Chinese Garden first, particularly the Garden of Abundance 豐園, where the statues of the 12 Chinese zodiac are located.

Bridge of Zodiac 生肖橋

Bridge of Romance 情人橋

This is the bridge connecting the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, separated by a lake.


We crossed the bridge and reached the Japanese Garden. Actually some elements and textures of Japanese and Chinese architectural design are quite similar.

It's advisable to bring along an umbrella (to block the sun in this case) if you plan to go before evening, despite being possible to hide under some shady places like huts or trees if you're able to find.

Remember the bridge connecting both gardens, there's no shade at all and that's why.

We've been walking close to each other to be able to walk under one umbrella's shade. Haha...

We have to cross the shadeless 雙秀橋 again to go back to the Chinese Garden as we skipped some spots there in the beginning, like the pagoda.

This is the 7-storey-pagoda - 入雲塔
It seems to be forbidden to be entered, but anyone can actually entered, however there's an opening hours for it. Let's start climbing to the top of it!

Be really careful when taking the stairs because the stairs create a vertical spiral shape and so the center is hollow from the ground all the way to the top.
Furthermore, the handrail is like a piece of wall without holes or extra bars to grab on.

And this is the 7th storey. Phew, take a deep breath first...

Not sure whether people with acrophobia should come here...

Along this stone pathway to the Bonsai Garden 盆栽園, I saw a tortoise resting on another stone. A good thing about taking snapshot of a tortoise is, you take your time finding a perfect spot of shooting, sit and relax with whatever posture you like, because it won't run away. LOL~

Did you notice the two big bonsais at both sides? They're actually two big sheeps. So cute...

Pity little tortoise... Awww...

Stone Boat

Our last stop was the Statue of Confucius, together with some other famous Chinese historical persons (whom Joling only knows two of them -_-lll).

關羽 Guan Yu   花木蘭 Hua Mu Lan   屈原 Qu Yuan   孔子 Confucius

岳飛 Yue Fei   文天祥 Wen Tianxiang   鄭和 Zheng He   林則徐 Lin Zexu

Thankfully Singapore has places like these - historical-heritage-like spots. They make you wonder "is this Singapore?" while you're in this busy workaholic city.

Unfortunately, not many people have known about this place and not many of my friends have ever been there before.

It's a scenic place to go, although the spots within the gardens themselves are not as many as I thought. :)

For more photos, please check out my photo album "Chinese Garden & Japanese Garden" on Facebook.

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