Oct 15, 2011

Night Cycling

Night cycling is an activity that one should try or at least experience in Singapore as for example in Malaysia you won't be able to night cycle because it's too dangerous (you might get robbed, kidnapped etc.) to do it there. In Singapore, people night cycle overnight and yup, you have to sacrifice your normal sleep hours for that.

It's my second time night cycling and this time was the one with hall people. Temasek Hall Outdoor Activities Committee (TH OAC) rented hundreds of bicycle from the east coast and placed them in the communal hall on the Friday night. Those that signed up will depart on bicycle from hall all the way to the East Coast Park.

In a group of 15, we paid $15 each as registration fees and some goodies, and our journey then started with two OAC attaches who'll led the way and made sure that we're safe.

Of course there're stops for us to rest and have late supper.


The two pretty ladies in green were our group's attaches.

Clarke Quay

The place where we had bean curd and soya milk

After a super crazy inclined slope

At the end of more than 8 hours of ride, we finally reached East Coast Park, and no words can describe how painful our inner thighs were, on top of the painfulness on our calves and glutes.

Some concluded that this will be their last time night cycling, tiredness was indeed what we paid for the fun.
I think it can only be fun with friends cycling with you - we joked, laughed, teased each other, sang songs during the journey.

For me, it's therefore one good and unhealthy experience - you might get calories burnt, but you are awake when you're supposed to be lying on your sleeping bed.

What we did next was just waiting for the dawn to break, when the sun rises like a red egg. That would be the reason for us to gather at the dock, facing the south-east horizon of the sea.

Taken by Calvin. Isn't it just beautiful?

Give yourself a round of applause if you managed too find me in this group photo.

It's past 7am and we returned our bicycles and collected our breakfast - Sausage McMuffins and Milo.

Thank God OAC catered buses for us back to hall and we're able to easily fall asleep on our way back.

Immediately when we reached hall, bathe, sleep... zzz....

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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