Aug 30, 2013

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

It’s been 2 months working for Cameron, and being a single and lonely guy, most of my Friday evenings were spent at home – no significant meaning of TGIF for me at all. Thanks to Yi Jie who invited me to a Friday evening getaway to Johor Bahru, with the colleagues from Machine Shop 1 & 2, which put the melancholy to a tentative end, although I'm actually not as close to colleagues from the Machine Shops. That's when I need to bring my passport along to work.

Separated into two groups, I took the company bus which goes to JB (Bas Pekerja) after work, and we transited at the house of Alan, one of my colleagues; while some hopped onto Wai Ming's car which drove directly to JB. He fetched us to meet another group of them at one of the petrol stations around the Taman Bukit Indah neighbourhood, before proceeding together to our dinner place - Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, run by a Korean family, I supposed.

The foreign workers in the restaurant can do their work well, but it's kinda troublesome when you find out that they can't understand your English or even Malay, and so the young Korean owner of the restaurant had to serve us by himself.

Everyone was given an apron in red.

First, he added the cabbage.

Then some meats.

Fry ah! Flip ah!

We ordered noodles as add-on.

Soju, which I found indecent to me.

The level of spiciness we requested was either mild or medium, but I felt like I could throw flame out of my mouth after eating, which also made me feel super dizzy as I tried so hard to catch breath. ♨♨♨
Make sure your table always has a jug of water standby before your throat gets burnt really badly.

The dinner costs about RM28 per person (I can't really remember), and it's followed by a karaoke session at DeBox Family KTV.

The next day’s gonna be Malaysia’s 56th National Day, so we had to quickly flee out of Johor before any road congestion upsurged. During our journey back on a flyover in JB, we actually saw fireworks somewhere eastwards, what a gorgeous scene.

Credits to Alan who fetched me around in JB and Wai Ming who fetched me back to Singapore.

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant
17, Jalan Bestari 5/2, Taman Nusa Bestari,
Johor, Malaysia

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