Aug 21, 2013

Santa Monica, USA

21 Aug 2013 (Wed)

Bidding farewell to Oklahoma City, and maybe even US, we soon will be back in Singapore in no time.

As there's no direct flight from Oklahoma City to Singapore, the flight route was scheduled as Oklahoma City ✈ Los Angeles ✈ Singapore, and guess what, the stopover at Los Angeles was 7-hour long!
Are we gonna be good boys and girl stoning at the airport for the upcoming flight? I don't think so... :)

Los Angeles International Airport
Our flight details
21 Aug 2013 (Wed)
Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) - Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 4
Flight No: AA 3692
7:25AM ­- 8:20AM

21 Aug 2013 (Wed)
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal B - Tokyo Narita Airport
Flight No: SQ 11
3:45PM ­- 7:15PM (22 Aug)
Tokyo Narita Airport - Changi Airport Terminal 3
Flight No: SQ 11
8:50PM ­- 2:55AM (23 Aug)

Things then went pretty crazy - the airport staff told us that there's no luggage deposit at the airport, if we were to get out of the airport, our luggage goes with us. Yes, it's the full load of luggage we're bringing back to Singapore.

And we did, we called for a cab to bring us to a beatiful beach in Santa Monica, a beachfront city.

Renting bicycles is a good reason and excuse for us to deposit our luggage at the bicycle shop, we were then able to cycle along the beach without having an eye on our bulky luggage. Two birds with one stone! WHY WE SO SMART?! Lol~~

The weather was great, it's not the warmth that you would typically feel under the sun of the beach (LOL) at noon.

Perhaps throughout these years, nothing could be merrier than cycling by the beach with beautiful blue sea, blue sky and babes.

Cycling makes me recall my exchange days in Sweden, when I cycled for months under right-hand traffic, until I learnt to cycle hands free. Guess what, Boon Kiat and Yi Jie did their exchange in Sweden as well! XD

I mean, how freaking awesome can it be if I were staying in one of these beach houses...

Rusty's Surf Ranch
We had lunch at one of the restaurants along the pier, hoping to dig in their really fresh catches.

Rusty's Surf Ranch
256 Santa Monica Pier

We managed to get back to the airport in time, and bade out last goodbye to America, at least for this year.

Not just Santa Monica, we'll miss the fortnight we spent in the US. It's our first time stepping onto this continent and country.

Thank God that because this was a partial business trip, being a Malaysian passport holder I was still able to get my visa in a bit upon interview, as US visa approval is heard to be an incommodious hassle for those visa waiver program exempted, I wonder if they see everyone as a potential terrorist.

Fish 'n' Chips @ $11.95
BBQ Chicken Breast @ $11.95
Chef Avelar's Marinated Skirt Steak @ $19.95

Singapore Airlines SQ11 Airbus A380-800

Bye USA. Hi Singapore.

For more photos, please check out my photo album Santa Monica, USA on Facebook.

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