Jun 12, 2011

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It's a short weekend trip on a Sunday, when Alex, Emilia and I visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

At the entrance opposite to Gleneagles Hospital, where I underwent DALK surgery.

Along the Swan Lake


Ah... A nice place to destress...

Ginger Garden... Gingy's hometown?

We spotted somebody taking bridal photoshoots in front of a small waterfall, how lovely...
But why did the bridegroom show that stupid face? -_-lll

The National Orchid Garden
On that day, the admission is free for student, so 3 of us entered without paying.
I'm not sure that whether this is whole year long or for some particular periods.

Our one and only group photo, taken by a foreign tourist in return.

Don't the orchids look like added photo frames? Haha...

The Coolhouse. Let's just hide inside and enjoy the air-con.

We could have had a picnic there, but sadly we didn't bring any food.

It's 6pm and it's about time to leave. We didn't manage to walk the entire garden though.
That was a quite tiring but nice trip - at least we got to see greeneries (really good for our eyes) and relax ourselves as 3 of us were doing internship.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569

For more photos, please check out my photo album "Singapore Botanic Gardens" on Facebook.

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