Jun 12, 2011

2nd Kitchen @ Balestier Rd

Emilia and I ran into Wei Zheng during that Sunday service at Faith Methodist Church and we had lunch together at 2nd Kitchen 二廚 where Alex joined also.

Having lunch there is of course not earlier planned, but we're mistakenly asked by Alex to take bus to Thomson Medical Centre to wait for him first, since we still have to wait for him, we walked around that district and found this restaurant.

From the outside we can see that the dishes inside are those expensive Chinese-cuisine-styled delicacies.

If you know Chinese, try to read "躉". (Walao, so many strokes...)
All four of us didn't know the reading of this character, after looking up dictionary, we realized that it's read as "dǔn".

We ordered three dishes and four bowls of rice, then took photos while waiting for Alex.

Why do they put so many fish inside one aquarium? Isn't that suffocating?

Pork Ribs in Champagne & Stout 香檳排骨 ($12)

Crispy Cereal Prawns 麥片蝦 ($18)

Hong Kong Kai Lan with Bean Curd Skin 豆筋扒香港芥蘭 ($12)

They look tasty right? Well, they really did.
After filling our stomachs with delicious food, we then headed for Singapore Botanic Garden.

2nd Kitchen
592 Balestier Rd #01-03
Singapore 329901

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