Jun 1, 2014

York, Australia

Great Eastern Highway
This post is a sequel of Perth, Australia.
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Thanks to Yumi's friend, Aaron who lent us his red Holden car. It's a 1.5 hour drive from Perth to York, situated 97 km eastwards.

York Town Hall

York Town Hall

You may get yourself a handy York Town Map from the town hall, or download a PDF copy from their website.

Penny Farthing Sweets 5/125 Avon Terrace

Avon Park Lowe Street

Swing Bridge across Avon River Pool Street

and here comes the lead attraction of York...

Mount Brown

Mount Brown Lookout
If you'll ever visit York, Mount Brown is definitely somewhere you have to go!!

I did see someone who walked up there, but, it's really much much time and energy saving to drive up to the top.

This is taken by Yumi's iPhone 4S without gimmick editing. Guess how we did that.

Then we drove down the mountain and chilled for a while at Nguyen's Bakery Cafe along Avon Terrace.

Tipperary School
Tipperary School used to be one of the single-teacher schoolhouses in the district, not anymore now.

A clay moulder nearby offered to unlock the school and tell us the history of it for a few dollar donation.

The school has two rooms (as you can see there're two chimneys), the classroom on the left and the teacher's bedroom on the right.

It makes me feel the sacredness of the teacher's job, living in such shoddy abode. The teacher must have been having a hard time sleeping due to cold weather.

That's basically all for York, nothing really much. Initially we planned to visit the Piano Graveyard there but we were told that it is closed down when we called few days before visiting York.

After finding that there're not much places left for visiting, we headed back to Mount Brown which we visited earlier in the afternoon to embrace my second beautiful sunset in Australia (same goes to the chit chatting part while enjoying the view).


Bye York! And we headed back to Perth for dinner with one of my primary school mate.
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