May 21, 2014

Kim's Family Food @ Lorong Kilat

Kimchi the pink monster thingy
One of my female colleagues, Claire, who is kind of creepy sometimes, owns a pink soft toy which was named 'kimchi' (and it's a she). Kimchi was celebrating her 1-year-old birthday, making her owner's friends (Yi Jie and I) have a celebration dinner with her. LOL~~ I wonder if we were out of our mind. And apparently Claire counted from the date she bought her.

The name of the restaurant which we visited was pretty humorous in the previous context - Kim's Family Food, located along a relatively secluded district in the Bukit Timah area.

The nearest bus stops are located along Jalan Jurong Kechil, and Upper Bukit Timah Road is due east.

You're welcome to write on their wall but... I'm afraid there's no more space to do so...

Banchan (반찬) is served free of charge

Dak gomtang (Boneless chicken soup) @ $16.00

Dak bulgogi (Chicken bulgogi) @ $20.00
The portion was bigger than we expected.

Pajeon (spring onion pancake) @ $14.00
It was my first time trying Korean pancake recommended by my colleagues and I proved them right - it tastes good and unique.

You may top up $2 for a bowl of steamed rice.

You may also request for a refill of any banchan dishes you like, free of charge.

That's all, and hmmm... I don't really want to wish her but... oh well...


Oh, I even drew and wrote her a birthday card. :)

Kim's Family Food Korean Restaurant,
17 Lorong Kilat, Singapore 598139

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