Jun 16, 2013

7 Village Noodle House 七廊粿條湯 @ Abu Siti Lane

This is my final period of stay in Penang before I officially start working in Singapore.

Fortunately, I managed to catch up with some of my high school buddies this time (namely Chee Wee, Wooi Siang, Wei Chung and Yeu Cheung).

I was sort of the one who invited them for the meetup and gosh, I hate to use my barely-surviving Nokia 6300 to SMS, but I had no choice because I have no other phone for my Malaysian SIM card.

The place where we had dinner is 7 Village Noodle House 七廊粿條湯, as recommended by some of them, which I hadn't heard of at that point of time. Kway Teow Soup or Guo Tiao Tang is one of the most common Chinese hawker food in Malaysia, which I've been occasionally eating since young.

The restaurant is originated from the other side of Penang - Butterworth. The saturated taste from the Kway Teow Soup accelerated my urge of finishing the entire bowl of the noodles. They have both dried one and another with soup. I usually prefer eating noodles with soup as I sort of have my own philosophy that the soup is the essence of whatever that is in the bowl, and at that night itself I almost wanted to order another same bowl of Guo Tiao Tang.

廣將 Kwan Jiang @ RM1.00/piece

滷肉 Lobak @ RM1.80/roll

七廊粿條湯 Guo Tiao Tang (Large) @ RM4.70

37 Lorong Abu Siti
10400 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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