Jul 19, 2013

RamenPlay @ Jem

I spent my 3rd TGIF having dinner with the big girl, Chu Luei. Because I needed to visit OCBC Bank that opens till 7pm, so I suggested Jem as the bank branch there is one of the nearest ones. In the meantime while I was settling some stuffs at the OCBC Bank, this adorable little girl was hesitating to buy a packet of toothbrushes at NTUC FairPrice.

Green Tea Milkshake @ $4.80
It's a bloody Friday evening when you see tides of people queuing for food in front of EVERY restaurant!! And so we got no choice but to queue for a ramen outlet - RamenPlay. I'm partial to ramen when it comes to Japanese cuisine, as compared to sushi, sashimi, don etc. Adequate tastiness is indeed the essence of enticement.

I wouldn't suggest eating ramen accompanied with green tea milkshake. Nothing was wrong with the milkshake, but milkshake + ramen combination doesn't go along well. For ramen it's kind of unappetizing. I should have just ordered plain green tea.

The saturation of the broth sometimes is telling you that you're lucky man, something savory is just right in front of you! Ok, maybe this imaginative scenario doesn't apply to everyone. ;P

The ingredients were generous, I can hardly find a hard boiled egg in a bowl of ramen like this one here, unlike other ramen which is usually spammed with bamboo shoots but not eggs. You might judge differently, but the ramen I've eaten here tastes almost as good as the ones I had in Kyoto, Japan.

The yakiniku was tender and pretty tasty that it immediately made me share with Chu Luei a few pieces of that. Perhaps it's pork, not beef yakiniku which tastes rather dull.

My Pork Yakiniku Ramen ポーク焼肉豚骨らーめん @ $14.80 ★★★★★

Chu Luei's Cha Shu Tonkotsu Ramen チャーシューとんこつらーめん @ $12.80 ★★★★☆

Now you know why I called her big girl in the beginning of this blog entry. It's her 24th birthday, after an exact couple of the Chinese zodiac cycles.

I bought her a present in pink, a slice of pink cake and wrote her a pink birthday card, coincidentally.


50 Jurong Gateway Road
#B1-10 Jurong East Mall (Jem)
Singapore 608549

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  1. i like to eat Japanese ramen noodles too~ =D

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