Jan 3, 2012


Some call it corn (雞眼), which are pretty similar to wart and callus (since salicylic acid is the most typical solution for these kinds of disease), which I had for over 4 months but didn't really have time to find a cure for it.

Toes are the common places of infection of warts. For my case, it's the web between my right ring finger and pinky.

It looks like this when it's one step from almost fully recovered.

This is really a very late period of the wart growth, or rather, close to its death. How close? Less than a quarter of hour after taking this photo, I manually picked off the black dried 'about to drop' thingy and my finger web went back to normal.

Before this, it grew to be a big white hard tumour-ish thingy which looks horrible and terrifying, but fortunately on the part which is not so visible, especially when I just keep my right palm closed.

If not mistaken, it started to grow in August 2011 and as mentioned I didn't care about it and after 4 months when I'm back in Penang, my mum told me that it's corn and brought me to pharmacy to get DuoFilm (Salicylic Acid 16.7% w/w, Lactic Acid 16.7% w/w) but didn't manage to bring me to the nearby clinic because it's not opened, plus I wasn't in Penang for very long - soon had to fly to Singapore in December.

DuoFilm has powerful scent that you shouldn't smell, unless you wanna get high. It hardens the affected area and I guess makes it fragile to be peeled off when time comes.

I consulted my university clinic (UHC) doctor and he asked me to stop applying first and instead dip my affected part into the potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution (it's free!!) to dry the web for infection prevention and apply the ointment (this one only cost a few dollars) he prescribed. Oh ya, and that's when he told me that it's a wart because of the black 'chilies' inside the white shell, which were only visible at a latter time.

One has to be careful while using the solution, if not, it stains all your stuffs, which I bet are not removable even after spending forever washing. It's clumsy for me to dip my palm into the solution as I'm using a disposable plastic party cup for dipping as I don't have any disposable bowl which has larger exposed area. And I can do nothing other than watching movie when I was doing that.

It's becoming better after following the doctor's advice and the black scary things are more visible. They're like rooting into your skin and it hurts when you're trying to pull them out. So just let them be and apply what should be applied and they'll harden and rather fall naturally.

Thank God everything is fine now and I can finally play music instruments with my elegant fingers again!! LOL~~

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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