Oct 17, 2021

Stella Seaside Lounge

We expected an extraordinary seaside dining experience on a Sunday evening, savoring each bite with our hair gently ruffled by the sea breeze - only to be ruined by the rainy weather.

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Image courtesy of Stella Seaside Lounge

We made a reservation for seaside dining at Stella Seaside Lounge a week ago. Little did we know that the weather would do the dining experience injustice, and we could only dine at the indoor area despite traveling all the way to the remote area along Changi Coast Walk.

Thank God that we managed to get a cab out of the restaurant because it is practically inaccessible by public transport.

Besides dining experience being contingent on the weather, prices on the menu are on the higher side. Unless you're accompanied by a gentleman like me, if you're seated on a high stool, make sure you're seated at an ergonomic distance from the table because I don't think the waiter pulls out your chair.

Interestingly, when it's closer to the evening, the waiters and waitresses bring out artificial candles (basically fairy lights in cylindrical containers) and place one on each table.


Grass-fed Striploin @ $38
Sliced grass-fed striploin, served with medium with asparagus and sautéed mushroom and beef jus

Roasted Spatchcock @ $32
Grilled corn-fed chicken, served with asparagus, fried and garlic cream sauce

11 Changi Coast Walk
Singapore 499740
Tel: (65) 6214 9168

Opening hours:
4:00pm - 10:30pm (Mon - Fri)
12:00pm - 10:30pm (Sat - Sun)

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