Sep 20, 2020

Xeltro CT22 Countertop Twin Water Filter from Filtech

Think about the amount of water we consume daily, and think about the quality of the water we consume.

Singaporeans enjoy the accessibility to relatively clean water, even from the tap directly. Nevertheless, many don't consider some health concerning facts that water pipe may be rusty over time, and that the water has been treated with chlorine to kill germs and pathogens.

As a result, some people take one step further by boiling the water. But is boiling water adequate enough?

Boiled Water vs Filtered Water

Boiling tap water at 100°C does kill bacteria, pollutants, and harmful micro-organisms, it even removes chlorine. It does NOT, however, remove heavy metals or dissolved solids. Besides, bacteria in the water won't be killed if it hasn't been boiled long enough.

Furthermore, the more it boils, the more oxygen (which is essential for the human body) is removed from the water, not to mention the loss of vitamins and micronutrients through prolonged boiling. In short, drinking boiled water can be like drinking a clear heavy metal juice. Read more here.

So what about filtered water? Let's study more from the Xeltro CT22 Countertop Twin Water Filter which I recently received from Filtech.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, Xeltro CT22 features a 7-stage ultra twin filtration which eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, impurities and chlorine. By delivering a flow rate of 2 litres per minute, you can fill up your 500 ml bottle with purified drinking water in just 15 seconds.

Xeltro CT22 has a lifetime of 6,000 litres, which accounts for approximately 6 to 8 months of water filtration. It's currently priced at $270.90 and its replacement cartrige only costs $59.40.

7 Stage Ultra Twin Filtration

1. 0.1 micron Ceramic Filter

The first filtration process begins with a 5mm thick ceramic filter engineered to filter sediments, heavy metal, rust, Giardia, cysts and bacteria of larger or equal to 0.1 micron in size while at the same time preserving necessary minerals intact. Commonly found bacteria such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium are rejected.

2. FIR Layer

A Far Infrared Ray (FIR) layer is used to help soften hard water, eliminating offensive odors and preventing bacterial growth. As FIR resonates with water, it activates and ionizes water molecules, making the water taste fresh. A health benefit arising from this is better balanced acidity level in our bodies, resulting in heightened oxygen levels.

3. Ion Exchange Resin

This ion exchange process percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials (ion-exchange resins). Sodium ions are exchanged for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the water, preventing bacteria build-up.

4. Anti Bacterial Ions

The anti-bacterial ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by breaking down organic compounds that comprise of bacteria such as bacterial cell membranes. Filtech's testing shows that the inhibition rate achieves up to 90% for Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

5. Alkaline Medium

The alkaline medium raises the pH level of the water, neutralising acid in your body, which can lead to various health benefits, including the prevention of diseases such as cancer and liver disease.

6. KDF Activated Carbon

The Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) granular activated carbon incorporates absorption and catalytic reduction mechanism for embellished and augmented purification efficiency. It equips activated carbon filtering for removal of residual chlorine up to 99.99%, VOCs and other impurities. It also deodorizes, improves color and taste of water.

7. Filtech Hybrid Carbon Membrane Technology

This final stage utilizes Filtech's hybrid carbon fibre micro-porous membrane technology for further pervasive particle exclusion filtration to discard hanging colloids. In addition, it also eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria to maintain quality drinking water standard.


Installing Xeltro CT22 has never been easier, with a caveat - you need to know whether your water faucet is installed with existing adapter.

Check out the installation tutorial video:

1 / 3
External Thread Tap with B-Series Adapters
2 / 3
Internal Thread Tap with A-Series Adapters
3 / 3
Threadless Tap with Universal Adapter

Fitting the adapter
It actually took us a while to realize that the water faucet already had an adapter which fits so well that the marking that separates the faucet and the adapter was barely visible.

Removing it, we found that the faucet outlet has external threads and the light blue adapter with internal threads is the one that fits. The remaining is pretty self-explanatory from the tutorial video itself.

On the first few seconds, the water ran out cloudy and grey, which is normal, because activated carbon is used in the filter. Fine carbon particles which came loose during manufacturing and shipping are passed out on first use.

After installing, allow the water run through the filter for a few minutes to rinse out the particles, and it should be clear after that. Anyway, elemental carbon in generally inert in human body and is not harmful.

The design of human body doesn't change, what changes is technology. Technology advancement opens door to better quality of life. In my opinion, it's imperative that every household should have a reliable water filtration/treatment system installed. With plenty of affordable options available, such as the Xeltro CT22 Countertop Twin Water Filter, the health benefits definitely outweigh the costs.

In Summary

Product Xeltro CT22 Countertop Twin Water Filter
Price $270.90
Replacement price $59.40
Replacement frequency Approx. 8 months (6,000 L)

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