Sep 12, 2015

Little Guilin 小桂林 @ Bukit Gombak

Opposite Sunshine Villas
along Bukit Batok East Ave 5
Little Guilin 小桂林 got its name for a reason - for its scenic resemblance of Guilin in China.

Who knows, lying within a modern society in a country like Singapore, hiding behind a stadium in Bukit Gombak, is this picturesque park with a granite rock sitting within a lake.

Despite the slight haze, my housemates Emilia, Alison and Wei Jian were with me, exploring the quintessence of Singapore's nature reserve.

Having witnessed and embraced the lovely landscape, I really felt like 吟詩作對, lol...
Brace yourself, I'm gonna come out with Chinese poetry which most likely have no link with the pictures themselves... XD

A quote by 黄蓉, which barely has any link with the picture...


No waterfall also...

Oops it's a puppy...

I guess this pair has the closest link, except there's no boat or ape, only flying creature's screech. But I really like this view a lot. In fact, the haze created a very Chinese smoggy scene.
花滿地 月朦朧

Two little girls taking a break

In this picture, we literally stood facing the HDB clusters behind the camera - the irony...

For more photos, please check out my photo album Little Guilin on Facebook.

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