Nov 29, 2014

Rice & Fries @ Changi Road

We reckoned that we needed mouthwashing desserts after the nauseating lunch at Oishii Halal Buffet.

Our only nearby choice was Rice & Fries, along Changi Road. Apologies but only desserts are featured in this blog post because we had lunch somewhere else.

Latte @ $5.80

Crème Brûlée @ $8.80

Caramelized Banana w vanilla ice cream @ $5.80

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake w ice cream @ $9.80

You might want to check out their Facebook page as well. If I’m not mistaken, the restaurant is run by a family and it’s interactive whereby there’s a certain degree of intimacy between the owners (the husband and wife) and the customers which you will see from the photos uploaded to their Facebook page. It makes Rice & Fries more than a restaurant but a big family.

This photo was taken by the wife while cuddling her baby on her left arm. :)
Besides offering to take us photos, she also friendly reminded us to tag them on Facebook.

Rice & Fries
484 Changi Road
Singapore 419896
Tel: 9738 6648

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