Mar 8, 2013

24th Birthday

3 years ago, there's dance vetting on 7th March night, the night before my birthday. Same thing happened this year. Not only that, after leaving from dance vetting, there's band practice, and I told my band members that I need to go at 11:30pm.

One reason: Wilsen was already inside my room for my birthday and I had to go back and entertain him. Another reason is to standby, LOL~~ so narcissistic omg. My band members kept asking why, I just told them you'll know later.

Wilsen bought me a cake and a necktie. FYI, Wilsen's birthday is a day after mine. Two years ago he bought me cake as well, and that really makes me feel so bad to him that I didn't prepare anything for him.

D4, Temasek Hall
As soon as Wilsen left, I saw my band members walking towards my room, and at that point of time I realized I was tricked!! Haha. They knew it's my birthday. And what Justin got in his hand was Sheares chicken!! And I was like, ya hor, it's Thursday. My band members are fantastic, I swear I was really touched.

And the band practice was actually an excuse for them to celebrate for me in the band room. The plan was destroyed once I left the band room. That made them complain that they had to walk all the way to my block.

Besides, Justin even informed my Malaysian hall friends to refrain from celebrating for me that night to accommodate the celebration with THreshold. So nice of you all ♥♥

They bought me a Tiramisu cake

Terie was late so too bad no chicken left for her...

The next day (08 Mar 2013), which was my 24th birthday, Wilsen (09 Mar), Li Ming (08 Mar), Cyrus (25 Feb) and I (08 Mar) shared a birthday celebration with current and ex-Temasekians at Ichiban Sushi, Clementi Mall.

They are Chu Luei, Wei Zheng, May, Eric, Eddie, Lik Ling, Kar Kay and Kei.

That dinner was their treat, which made me feel so paiseh again.

2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant
The next day (09 Mar 2013) was Wilsen's 24th birthday and Wilsen, Emilia, Susan, Chern Yik, Calvin and I went 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant for buffet dinner ($20++).

Well, Chern Yik was acquainted with Calvin on that day. Calvin, Wilsen and I were in the same project group for ME3101. Emilia and Susan know Calvin during our trip to Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia last December.

The buffet was sumptuous, but they only have refillable plain water and lime juice, and because I don't drink lime juice, I drank only water that night. Oh, the beef was juicy, tantalizing and really delicious.

The girls bought us cakes, and it's already my 4th cake. :)

We wanted to chill somewhere for a drink and chat after the buffet dinner. We ended up drinking tea, beer and playing card games at Calvin's house. Pretty random.

It's been two cycles of the Chinese zodiac since I was born. Old enough, I am. I'm graduating in a few months, stepping into another dimension of the society. There're too many things to miss after this.

Thank God for protecting me all the way till today. In the past I had 'near-death experiences' before but I survived.

To those who spent time celebrating my birthday, a 90º bow for you. I feel fortunate having you all accompanying me on my big day, as well as everyday.

Last but not least, I really really do look forward to my birthday wishes to come true! ^^

For more photos, please check out my photo album 24th Birthday on Facebook.

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