Nov 21, 2012

Background acting:《都是小黑惹的祸》Koffee Did It!

One day I saw my friend posting on Facebook wall about cast recruitment for a kid's drama in Singapore. She is also from Penang but studied in a polytechnic in Singapore after Form 5 in Malaysia. There was only one character that suits me - a 20+-year-old elder brother of a kid. I really did dare myself to go for the audition and so I went for the audition at the film company (Oak3 Films) at MacPherson.

Well, my friend is the assistant director for the drama and at there I was given a script which I need to sort of memorize and act, then they recorded that as reference. My friend and the main director was there for the audition and he said I sort of shivered when I was talking, but I have a very accurate and clear Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. He even asked whether I'm a stage drama actor. ^^

A few days later I actually heard from my friend that there're about 17 other people went for audition for the same role I went for. Oh my goodness, then I thought never mind, just take the audition as an experience. However, I was told a few days later, that I was selected to play the role!! That was surely one huge good news for the narcissistic me. Haha...

The drama is called 都是小黑惹的禍!(Koffee Did It!). I guess 小黑 is a panda plush doll owned by a little girl, which comes to life from time to time, like Barney the dinosaur.

My casting took place at Block 562, Hougang Street 51 on a Wednesday during the reading week. I'm only background acting so it took only one day to film my 4 scenes with other main scenes. I'm not sure but, I would regard myself as 茄哩啡, a very popular phrase in Cantonese, which means 'extra' or '臨時演員'. However I did have a script and I need to memorize and speak while acting.

I reached there earlier than the crew and spent one full hour there studying PC1432 Physics IIE (I tend to be more productive out of my room with no laptop distraction). I was quite shy when the crew reached the venue as I didn't know all of them. The two kids I'm acting with, a boy and a girl, they're really cute, and the girl is really cute and pretty. Hehe...

These are my scenes (I'm playing Jimmy by the way):
Episode & Scene no. Script (Dialog in italics)
Episode 4

Scene 18
室外。Joe的家門口。 日





Episode 4

Scene 23
外景。Joe的組屋外。 日



Episode 4

Scene 27
外景。組屋樓下遊樂園。 日











Unfortunately it rained that afternoon. Some outdoor scenes had to be postponed until the rain stopped. When I was taking rest, the little girl holding her pink teddy bear approached me and talked to me. She asked whether I've acted in other show before, and said my Chinese is good. LOL~ I was glad that she wasn't even afraid of approaching a stranger guy like me. And ya, my Chinese is damn good, can't help (just kidding, erm... maybe I was just good in switching between accents).

It's a wonderful experience working with the professional filming crew. They really have the equipment a that the professionals should have. Every cast has a mic tacked on the inside of the clothes. Yet they still have boom mic, external monitor for director, lighting, reflector. Every thunderstorm and lightning will make them stop the roll.

I was paid only $60 but I'm contented. I don't even mind paying them to let me act if I have to. LOL~~ I know I'm a narcissist!!
The drama will be broadcasted weekly on Channel 8 10:30am starting from 30 Dec 2012 (Sun). My scenes are in episode 4 so if everything goes fine, episode 4 should be on 20 Jan 2013. Well, I actually wonder which friends of mine watch kid's drama? On Sunday morning some more. Haha...

UPDATE: Here's the video

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