Oct 27, 2012

Southern Ridges, Singapore

It's just another random outing on a Saturday where Emilia, Wei Jian and I walked some of the parks and gardens in the Southern Ridges of Singapore.

Henderson Waves

If you've ever passed by Henderson Road, you probably have seen a wavy bridge hanging at 36m above the road, and that's Henderson Waves.

We first alighted at the nearest bus stop along Henderson Road and took the staircase at the opposite side, up to the bridge.

It's nothing but a normal bridge, with the fanciness of the sine wave when view from the road.

Telok Blangah Hill Park
It's a forest-looking park with paths leading to some other parts of the Southern Ridges. We took some wrong convoluted paths there before getting into our right path as the way they position the signs is somewhat misleading.

Oh, and I actually brought my ukulele along fortunately, and we sang like no one else was there. However we sang almost everything in C major, you know my chord dictionary is not filled up yet for ukulele. Nevertheless, that definitely kills boredom and numbs tiredness pretty effectively.

Alexandra Arch
After an hour of walk, we reached Alexandra Arch, an 80m long opened-leaf-looking bridge across Alexandra Road that connects to HortPark at its base.

The bridge is lit up by LED lights at night and the lights change colour at intervals from 7pm to 12am daily. Too bad it was 6:30pm when we took the photo without knowing the fact that there's LED lighting starting from 7pm daily.

I like the long stretch of road leading to the horizon of sunset (although blocked by hills at the end).

I brought my tripod along as well, so this broad and long stretch of road is perfect for camwhoring, it could be better without the people in the defocused background.

Kent Ridge Park
HortPark connects to Kent Ridge Park via the Canopy Walk. No photos for Kent Ridge Park, as sky has turned dark.

Finishing the walk brought us to the exit at DSO National Laboratories at Science Park Drive, which for once I thought was the one in the Kent Ridge Campus.

And so we called it a day after having dinner at the National University Hospital (NUH).

For more photos, please check out my photo album Southern Ridges on Facebook.

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