Dec 3, 2011

Botak Jones @ Clementi

Borrowing the convenience of me making a telegraphic transfer of SEK2150 (≈ SGD400) to Lund University as my hostel rental prepayment at DBS Bank, Clementi before it closes at 1pm (it's a Saturday), I brought Joling to Botak Jones for lunch, again.

Cajun Chicken ($8.00) ★★★★☆
Cajun Chicken is what I usually will order as it's among the affordable ones.

Swanky Franky Chicken ($10.35) ★★★★★

Too bad they ran out of fish on that day so Botak Fish & Chips and "The" Fish Burger Joling was to order weren't available, and I was introduced the promotional set of Swanky Franky Chicken or Beef @ $10.35 instead of U.P. @ $11.50 (not much discount anyway).

Swanky Franky Chicken sausage is wrapped in Canadian streaky bacon & topped with melted cheddar cheese, as you can see, layers and layers wrappings around the longitudinal axis of the sausage. Yummy...

Botak Jones
325 Clementi Avenue 5,
Kopitiam - Clementi Avenue,
Singapore 120325

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