Feb 26, 2010

Interaction with Japanese Primary School, Clementi

In coordination with LAJ2202 Japanese 3 which I've taken in Year 1 Semester 2, we had an opportunity to interact with the Japanese kids from Japanese Primary School, Clementi, which is just opposite of NUS.

A group of four of the primary school kids were assigned to a group of four of Japanese 3 students, us. They're 八木達也, 鷲頭拓磨, 大河内悠人, 村松珠季. The 2nd boy must have had a hardtime memorizing his name's characters. Haha...

Brought them around, chatted with them, and had lunch on chicken rice from Science canteen with them.

I remember 八木 approached me,
Erm... Some sort like our tutorial conversation. Haha...

Each of us was also written a thank you card from one of them.

Mine was written by 大河内悠人, the darkest boy. Haha...

Well, although they're kids, when they communicate with each other, it's actually so fast that we couldn't get what they're talking.

So... 頑張らなきゃ!

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