Mar 8, 2009

20th Birthday

Early at 8am on the Women's Day, I woke up and I got my first present from my sister - some chocolate biscuits and candies. Then of course I was going for church service because it's a Sunday.

After service, I went back home and had cup noodles and waited until 2pm and then, pick my dear from her friend's house to Gurney Plaza.

After buying the movie tickets (Seven Pounds), since there's still some time, we ended up having another lunch at Jurin Express. There were two customers inside before we entered, after a few while we were seated, they've left, so... we dabao the entire restaurant. Whoohoa...

Usually the waiter/waitress only refill the green tea after the cup is empty, but this time they did that when it's only halved, hmmm... They're really too free because there're only both of us inside.

It's time and we entered the cinema. And... duh... this movie was hypnotizing... zzz....

Our next destination - Jemputree. Fortunately, I made reservation so we got to have dinner on the tree. After placing our orders, my dear put two presents on the table for me to choose (anyway, both will belong to me. Haha...). One is a quiksilver wallet and the other one is Gingy message card.

While eating, I heard someone singing birthday song, someone mysteriously walked up, with a cake box on one of their pairs of hands. Cheh... They're Hooi Tin and Huey Yen. I was quite stoned because I don't quite used to surprises.

Made a wish, blow the candles, then only I realized why did my dear ordered french fries (they're for her friends).

I opened the box and voila, there are 34 cupcakes hand-made by my dear (touched~~).

According to my family tradition, we celebrate our family members' birthday at home at night on that day itself. The ceremony goes like this: change clothes, photo taking, birthday song, candle blowing, cake cutting. and eating. However, dear wanted to be with me longer today, so I went back home at 9pm, and went out again at a latter time. Unfortunately, dear had not enough courage to enter my house, therefore she waited for me in my car for 20 minutes.

Starbucks at Gurney Hotel will be out next destination. It was 10pm and I ordered Iced Cafe Latte. Dear brought me out for a walk after a while. Somehow she just dragged me towards the back entrance of Gurney Hotel, and I noticed there're candles on the floor, it's a cake anyway (and I know there'll be surprise soon). Billy, Leo, Jun Yan, Chee Wee, Wooi Siang and Wei Chung then appeared with birthday song. It's again a stoning moment. They then bring the cake back to Starbucks for candle blowing and cake cutting.

Cake was bought by Leo and Wooi Siang, as well as a birthday card.

Billy, Jun Yan and Chee Wee bought me two pens, with "JAVIN THAM" carved on them.

Wei Chung bought me a bookmark.

I did appreciate for celebrating my birthday together. Thanks to Billy for making contact with everyone, thanks to Jun Yan, Chee Wee and Wei Chung to come right after their work at Gurney Plaza, thanks to Leo for taking photos, thanks to Wooi Siang for sparing his time for this, and last but not least, thanks to my dear for her cooperation with my friends for the surprises.

Everyone then chatted and crapped until 12.30am. I got back after dropping dear back home. It's 1.30am, I went to bed after tidying up my presents.

I'm 20, and birthday surprises were strangers to me until this birthday. Besides not using to, I was worried that I won't be getting such surprises and no friends celebrating with me together in future, I was however touched. Cutting three cakes, indeed unforgettable.

Javin Tham A master's degree graduate in engineering, a musician at heart, loves playing with soft toys.

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