Apr 30, 2011

Co-curricular Activities 2010/2011

These are the co-curricular activities (CCAs) that I joined in NUS and TH (Temasek Hall) in the academic year 2010/2011, which was my second year in the university.

NUS Chinese Orchestra 國大華樂團
Same as the previous year, it awards 11 points for perforning member and 8 points for non-performing member, there're sectional practice every Thursday for 2 hours and combined practice every Saturday for 5 hours at CFA (Centre for the Arts).

Fortunately, this year NUSCO held its annual concert (Tales of Yore 赤城余韵环四壁) at Esplanade Concert Hall

NUS Piano Ensemble
NUSPE consists of 4 sub-committees, namely Music, Concert Management, Welfare/IT Management and Publicity.
I was introduced by Chu Luei to join this CCA as it's quite slacky and it indeed was.
I was luckily assigned to be a member of Music Subcommittee and there're 8 points already.
Our commitment was to go to CFA every Friday evening for 1-2 hours for some talks or music sharing session and that's all (sometimes there's even no session for the week). I as a Music Subcommittee member was even more slacked - I did nothing other than taking attendance for the entire year. Haha...

Concertino IV
I didn't go through audition to be a performing member (11 points) as I thought I would definitely fail that.

However, a few of us volunteered to perform for Concertino IV, which is a pretty casual internal concert where normal members can showcase their talent.

I performed a duet piece (Funeral March) with Siew Wai for that concert (at least I didn't have to perform all alone) and got 1 extra point from that.

NUSPE's policy is: the awarded points are given according to the member's attendance. So everyone was eagerly looking for their respective subcommittee heads for attendance after each session has ended.

TH Badminton Team
Any sports CCA in Temasek Hall is basically focusing on one thing - IHG (Inter-Hall Games).
I joined TH Badminton Team because this is the only sport that I'm good at, although I'm still not very skillful at it. At least I can do sports other than studies and cultural stuffs.

TH vs KR at Sheares Hall
I wasn't in the main team to go for a match because I wasn't that pro enough, so I was in the training team - still able to train and play (got free shuttlecocks ok ^^).

Temasek Hall is known to be strong in sports, but for badminton, not likely to be said so as its not our major.
We lost in both preliminary matches, but I hope we can get better players, trainings and ultimately, COURT!! TH's badminton court has poor lighting and there're low slanted ceiling and fans in obstruction. Arghh!!!
I was awarded 6 points from the team.

TH Dance

Culture Night 10/11
Like the previous year, we performed for Temasek Hall Culture Night 10/11 in the first semester.
The dance was choreographed by Yayi.

I withdrew in the second semester because studies were too stressful and also I was the head of TH XinYao 10/11. However in the second semester, TH Dance collaborated with TH XinYao for an external concert at NAFA Lee Foundation Auditorium.

I got 8 points and 1.7 demerit point because of the withdrawal.

DanSing! 歌舞聚!

TH XinYao 心謠
As told before, TH XinYao is a Chinese pop band and for this year, it's the most meaningful CCA of mine because... I was the HEAD!!
Wow, I've never been holding such a big responsibility and a title of 'head', guess I was doomed that time. I dragged Chu Luei along to be the vice head and she assisted me all the way long.

Since I was the head, I wanted to modify the structure of bands - decreasing the total number of bands from 9 to 4, increase the number of members (instrumentalists in each band). Basically, my motive was to make a band full, with basic pop band required instrumentalists, because in the previous year, there are hardly anyone playing bass guitar except me. Excuse me, bass is so important in a song arrangement, drum + no bass = WEIRD! unless you're doing stuns.

Singing with minus one (karaoke) accompaniment was also banned from my policy. Muakaka, for the sake of meeting professionalism and quality performance.

Culture Night 10/11 at the Communal Hall
Slightly differently, this year the Culture Night came before our internal concert.

TH XinYao performed 3 songs (如果這就是愛情, 現在我很幸福, K歌之王) for the night.

It's extremely stressful to be a head as what I did was to monitor all 4 bands by attending all the practice to inspect whether there's improvement or space of improvement. Since then, I joined all bands as instrumentalist and perform in most of the songs.

After recruitment, I've even asked some members to play some instruments that they've not played before because we really need that particular instrumentalist in that particular band, and I was the one teaching and guiding them.

Moreover, I had to write chords for all the songs chosen by the singers to be performed. Phew... I'm so kind right? :)

As a head, other than musical matters, there're administrative matters (like poster, venue booking, refreshment, requisition forms, publicity) to care of as well, which... haiz... I really don't like.

TH XinYao 10/11 Internal Concert - Sing It 心摇心动 (At Main TV Lounge, Temasek Hall)

It's pretty soothing that the concert ran smoothly till the end and I received positive comments from some of those who attended, which were very encouraging.

Just when I thought I was free from that, there's still an external concert in the 2nd semester.

DanSing! 歌舞聚!
The external concert (DanSing! 歌舞聚!)was a collaboration of TH XinYao with TH Dance (as mentioned above).
Obviously there'll be unavoidable issues as we're two different cultural CCAs and financial issue sometimes even predominated.

We managed to book a venue at NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre and the rental of venue and equipments was like a few thousand dollars... haiz...
However, till the very day right before the show, one thing cheered us up - FULL HOUSE!!
My goodness, is it because of the number of the seats is too little? Haha... Well, perhaps that's the good side of collaboration.

T.T Sob sob... I miss these great moments so much.
I hope I've done a great job and been a nice head to all of the members.
I'm sorry if I treated you badly or was inconsiderate before. Hope you guys enjoy the time practicing and jamming in the band room. It's nice for me having you all as my members.
TH XinYao will continue to ★☆shine☆★ even brighter in the near future.
I was awarded 10 cultural points for joining TH XinYao and 4 organizational points for serving as head.

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Apr 25, 2011







サヨナラ サヨナラ あなたに会いたい
サヨナラ サヨナラ どこかでもう一度
サヨナラ サヨナラ 偶然のように
孤独のその先に 新しい空がある

悲しそう...( T_T)\(^-^ )

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Apr 24, 2011


The next thing after exams is internship.
The next time I go home is probably September!!
My gosh! That's so terrible because I'm gonna miss home like crazy.

One of my concerns was "Who's gonna cut my hair?", as my hair is every time cut by my mum.
If I only get it cut in September, before that I'll just look like a caveman.

Despite having no hair cutting scissors, Joling offered to cut my hair, in the end using an ordinary pair of paper scissors (which I normally use to cut un-tear-able 3 in 1 coffee or Milo sachets).

And for the first time my room turned to a hair saloon.

Fan had to be turned off in such weather, kinda killing.

The outcome...

Looks pretty good (but actually a bit screwed up, haha...:)

The aftermath...

And pity dear dear who's doing the cleaning job.

Thank you dear dear!

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Apr 23, 2011

Marché VivoCity and Ben & Jerry's

After ME2114's final exam on the Saturday, despite having another exam on the next Tuesday, I planned to bring dear dear somewhere outside for dinner (or else she would probably be complaining again).

Talking about bringing her to VivoCity, she recommended Marché for dinner. I thought it would be expensive, but then the queue was so damn long, and we queued for quite long too.

Waiter was serving free iced apple tea

Marché is a Swiss originated restaurant, and the distinctive thing is, you'll receive a card per person to be used to order food of different category within this restaurant.

Swiss Rösti ($6.80)

Mistakenly ordered German Pork Sausage ($7)

Apple crumble cake

Baked Potato with Bacons and Sour Cream

Marché VivoCity
1 HarbourFront Walk #03-14
Singapore 098585

I had a Ben & Jerry's "Buy 1 scoop and get your 2nd scoop at $1" voucher which was valid till 30 Apr 2011, so I'm gonna make use of it.

Ben & Jerry's
VivoCity #02-135/136
1 HarbourFront Walk, Singapore 098585

That ended our day of hanging out. Gotta go back to study for ME2135!!

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