Jan 23, 2018

A Few Ideas to Sending Birthday Flowers Gift

Flowers are one of the most beautiful way you could think of to wish someone a happy birthday. Sending birthday flowers means that you care for them and they have a special place in your heart.

Even if you are thinking to get a present, you can choose flower to complete the gift—a single or a bouquet of That Flower Shop. Of course, the flowers must not be a random choice. There are a few things you need to consider before you choose the flower gift and there are some ideas you could do to make it special.

A few ideas when sending birthday flowers:

1. Choose birth flowers

Did you know that each month have a certain birth flower? When you choose the flowers based on this, the receiver would likely think that you have put some thoughts and considerations for the sake of their birthday, and it means good. Here is the list of the birth flower of each month:
January for Carnation
February for Iris
March for daffodil
April for Daisy
May for Lily of the Valley
June for Rose
July for Larkspur
August for Gladiolus
September for Aster
October for Marigold
November for Chrysanthemum
December for Narcissus

2. Choose the perfect color

You must know that specific color can deliver or convey different ideas or messages with it. Below is the list:
Yellow: Choose this color to make someone smile because yellow is generally associated with happiness and brightness.
Pink: This color symbolizes innocence, youthfulness, grace, and joy. Choose this color if you want to leave the receiver wonder about your intention.
Orange: Orange is about enthusiasm and excitement. Choose this one when you want to encourage or support someone.
Red: This one has the strongest meaning of all. It associates with love and can be used to convey such deep and passionate love.
Blue: Blue represents success or pride. Can be used to convey “I’m proud of you” kind of message.
White: White is always about purity and innocence. Choose this to convey your pure emotion to the receiver.

3. Choose the special arrangement

There are so many arrangements of flowers available, choose the one that you think will be liked by the recipient and fit their personality. Don’t forget that you can add greeting card or small present as the special addition of your birthday flower.

4. A surprise delivery

And last but not least, you could use a delivery service from an online florist. Order flowers online from the website and makes sure that the birthday person will be able to receive it well. Online flower delivery is easy to approach and indeed a good idea for a surprise.
So how about it? Already got an idea to send your birthday flowers now? Don’t waste any more time, sending flowers as a birthday surprise is a pleasant experience, you should try it sometimes.

Dec 27, 2017

NUS Exam Results (MSc)

4 years ago I shared my NUS exam results for my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Today I'll be sharing all my exam results in graduate program of Master of Science (Industrial & Systems Engineering), specializing in Operations Research (OR).

Semester 1: AY2015/2016 Semester 2

Module Description MCs Grade Remarks
IE5002 Applied Engineering Statistics 4 A- Foundation module
IE5003 Cost Analysis and Engineering Economy 4 A- Foundation module
SAP: 4.50
CAP: 4.50

Semester 2: AY2016/2017 Semester 1
Module Description MCs Grade Remarks
IE5001 Operations Planning and Control I 4 A Foundation module
IE5004 Engineering Probability and Simulation 4 B+ Foundation module
IE5203 Decision Analysis 4 A- Elective module for OR
SAP: 4.50
CAP: 4.50

Semester 3: AY2016/2017 Semester 2
Module Description MCs Grade Remarks
IE5107 Material Flow Systems 4 A- Elective module for OR
IE5108 Facility Layout and Location 4 A Elective module for OR
IE5205 Healthcare Systems and Analytics 4 A- Elective module
SAP: 4.83
CAP: 4.56

Semester 4: AY2017/2018 Semester 1
Module Description MCs Grade Remarks
IE5123 Reliability Engineering 4 B+ Elective module for OR
IE5504 Systems Modelling and Advanced Simulation 4 A+ Elective module for OR
SAP: 4.50
Final CAP: 4.55

CAP: Cumulative average point
SAP: Semestral average point

The requirements for MSc (ISE) are not complicated - 4 ISE foundation modules + 6 ISE elective modules.

For my case, in order to specialize in Operations Research (OR), 5 of the elective modules have to be those that are counted towards specialization fulfillment (see remarks).

All the best to those who are planning to get enrolled in this program.

Nov 22, 2017

Different Christmas Decorating Ideas Using Poinsettias

Christmas is around the corner, there’s nothing wrong to be prepared, right? As you may already know that poinsettia is one of the most versatile plants or flowers of Christmas but with its luxuriously red and green leaves, it captures the festive colors of the holiday season. Available also in different colors and in all sorts of sizes, the poinsettias make the flower a staple Christmas decorating piece.

The flower delivery of Poinsettias provides different Christmas decorating ideas. With the help of the florist, you can give your home décor that instant glamor and festive holiday spirit using the flower of Poinsettias.

Holiday Welcome sign

Give your guests a glimpse of what kind of home festivity you have inside by posting a holiday welcome sign embellished with poinsettias. The flower shop like Little Flower Hut usually has this kind of design ready-made and available for the holiday decorations. You may also reuse the Poinsettias for this purpose from the hand bouquet you received.


Spice up your Christmas wreaths with Poinsettias and hang them on your front doors or just above the fireplace. With red poinsettias on the wreaths, you are giving your home that festive appearance for the holidays. Fresh poinsettias on wreaths may last and thrive through the holidays. Ask the florist in Singapore for some tips on how you can make the flowers last longer.

Toy Train Accessories

Turn the Christmas trains under the Christmas tree into a pretty bloom train by adding poinsettias on them. The kids and your guests will definitely love watching the trains go around the tree in their poinsettias accessories. Look for other ideas or ask the florist online for creative train decorating ideas for the holiday theme.

Christmas Trees

Fresh poinsettias are just perfect for any Christmas Trees decorations. You can place the stems on a floral vial filled with clean water to keep them fresh. You may also want to add artificial flowers to fill up the gaps on your tree. Check the shop or talk to the online florist for other available colors for the Poinsettia flowers if you are thinking of other motif this Christmas.

Poinsettias can be used in a wide variety of designs and decorations. When you send the flower delivery of Christmas flower decorations, you may want to consider the versatility of Poinsettias. These flowers will make your home decorations more elegant and joyous. With just some simple creativity, home decoration is easy and free with the versatile flowers of Christmas, the Poinsettias.

Jul 15, 2017

A Better Florist - Best Florist for Any Occasion

When you want to make someone’s day brighter, a bouquet of fresh blooms is definitely a great choice, and one of the common ones no matter where you live. But shopping for the prettiest petals has been revolutionized by A Better Florist, and the days of having to run all over town to find the ideal bouquet for your loved ones are long gone. Although there are flowers in Singapore at almost every corner, A Better Florist wants you to forget about your old and stressful ways of purchasing flowers for the special people in your life. They want to you to be able to order the best blooms easily, no matter where you are, hence their user-friendly website.

Ordering flowers online is a convenient and easy way to have fresh and beautiful flower bouquets delivered to your desired destination. A Better Florist literally enables you to stay in the comfort of your office or home, and move only when you have to click on the purchase button. This pampering convenience is topped off with a fast delivery. They deliver flowers every day, and that includes some of the biggest holidays when flowers are most in demand. One of the greatest perks is being able to order flowers and have them delivered the same day, within only 90 minutes, to any part of Singapore necessary. And to put it all a bit into perspective, in a wild and super-fast concrete jungle like Singapore is, it’s hard to imagine a business being able to cater to everyone at such great speed and still deliver quality at the same time.

A Better Florist is undoubtedly the best florist in Singapore and wider. They are considered to be the best florist in Hong Kong as well.

After additional research, because everyone should be an informed shopper, I discovered that A Better Florist has a Hong Kong flowers shop and a Dubai Florist as well, meaning their gorgeous flower creations are known far beyond Singapore.

Another convenience is that you can find everything you need, and that’s flower-related, all in one place. If you’re looking for funeral wreaths in Singapore, or birthday flowers, or fruit hampers, get well soon bundles, or any kind of flower masterpiece, A Better Florist is the destination to go to. Their expert team has been crafting the most beautiful blooms for quite some time now, and it’s exactly this kind of passion and experience that has established them as one of the best.

I truly enjoy glancing at their collections that are on the website, because they are mesmerizingly beautiful and fresh, and every bouquet or arrangement is put-together carefully and not just throw together for the purpose of selling. You can actually tell they put a lot of thought and creativity into crafting the blooms that their clients are going to love.

Knowing that there’s a florist that crafts with ‘you’ in mind, it’s hard to say no to A Better Florist. I definitely recommend at least taking a glance at their socials, because their creations speak far better for them, then I ever could.

Jun 2, 2017

Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA)

After completing my Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) in January 2017, I wanted to take some more lifetime certifications from ASQ which have no recertification requirements, as each active ASQ certification gives 2 recertification units (RUs) up to 6 RUs that can be counted towards the total 18 RUs required for each recertification cycle for my CSSBB.

Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) is one of the aforementioned certifications, and so Kenneth and I scheduled it together to sit for this computer-based exam in June 2017, given that we'll be spending our time attending lectures and studying during our semester in NUS from January to May. We also reckoned that CQIA will be much easier considering that we've gone through CSSBB.

How did I prepare for CQIA?

We purchased the eBook of The Certified Quality Improvement Associate Handbook, Third Edition by Russell T. Westcott and Grace L. Duffy, which is a pretty concise. I printed it out to be brought into the exam room since it's open book, but I studied completedly through my computer.

We didn't really try out any question bank at all, the only sets of questions we went thru were the CQIA Sample Exam from ASQ and the sample solutions text from Quality Council of Indiana, which published the primers for most ASQ certifications

What kind of exam questions to be expected?

There are 110 questions in the CQIA exam, which I will share a little bit about the actual exam questions I've encountered. Surprisingly, quite a substantial amount of questions are asking about the quality guru's philosophy.

The CQIA Handbook would prepare you well but there were a handful of questions asking about the Juran Trilogy appear in the exam and I don't think the handbook outlines sufficient details about this and so one would probably need more reference material for whichever related to Juran. Questions about Deming were simpler, as long as the exam candidates are familiar with PDCA. The rest of the questions should be pretty doable, with a certain level of ambiguity.

I spent approximately two hours for the exam, and I didn't really want to go through those questions which I marked for review, as I thought as long as I don't have a lot of those marked, I should still be able to pass.

CQIA is a rather uncommon certification in the quality related field, but good luck to whoever taking it.