May 15, 2018

Bali, Indonesia

12 (Sat) - 15 (Tue) May 2018

Lodging: Jas Green Villas

Yingjun and I wanted to plan a short holiday trip to somewhere with beaches so that we can perhaps do some leisure dives. Our initial plan was to visit Boracay on May 11, and we've even bought the flight ticket from Scoot and reserved for accommodation from Agoda until one day on April 4 the Philippine government announced the closure of Boracay for 6 months starting April 26. THIS IS ULTIMATE UNLUCKINESS!

But thankfully our flight and accommodation expenditure got refunded, although the time spent planning all these can't be refunded. Oh well, we then got to plan for another destination, in which we chose Bali. Yingjun has been to Bali but I haven't.

Our flight details
12 May 2018 (Sat)
Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Ngurah Rai International Airport
Flight No: JQ 117
5:00AM - 7:40AM

15 May 2018 (Tue)
Ngurah Rai International Airport - Changi Airport Terminal 1
Flight No: 3K 246
7:20PM - 10:05PM

Average return fare per person: $116

Day 1
12 May 2018 (Sat)

It started off with a red-eye flight at 5am in the morning. So we reached Bali, and then the villa pretty early, earlier than the time we may check in. So we had breakfast there (we had to pay for it as breakfast for the first day was not included) and walked around first before checking into our Room A9.

The cost of accommodation was $292.18 for 3 nights, and it looks pretty decent.

Had a short dip in the pool (have to right, it's a villa hor) before we headed out for dinner

Day 2
13 May 2018 (Sun)

The most forward-looking day of the trip - diving day! The van from the dive centre stopped by along Gg. Kayangan to pick us up (as the road to Jas Green Villas is too narrow). We arrived at the dive centre in the morning to pick our gears, and departed on a 1.5-hour journey to Padangbai.

Our dive master was Firas from Bali Aqua Dive Center. We communicated via email prior to this on our choices and proficiency of diving. He's pretty nice as he listened to our experience and he explained what to be expected and what can be observed for our next dives at Padangbai. Funny that we ordered our food at a restaurant along the beach where we departed to our dive sites, when the food was only served after both dives.

Topi Inn at Padangbai

We'll be doing a total of two dives today at Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun.

Dive #1: Recreational Dive @ Blue Lagoon

Time in : 09:44 Starting pressure : 200 bar
Time out : 10:50 Ending pressure : 50 bar
Safety stop : 3 minutes Max dive depth : 14 m
Weight used : 3 kg Bottom time : 66 minutes

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