Aug 13, 2017

Redang Island, Malaysia

9 (Wed) - 13 (Sun) Aug 2017

Lodging: Redang Pelangi Resort

I earned my basic PADI Open Water Diver certification almost 2 years ago at Ko Samui, Thailand. Earlier this year my girlfriend, Yingjun brought up the idea of getting a diving certification with her other friend, so by making use of that, we plan a trip to Redang during the Singapore National Day period.

Many Singaporeans travel to Tioman for diving, and we just like to be a little special. :)
Well but of course Redang has better overall experience and we chose there.

And so with me and my girlfriend, we have her friend Rousi and her boyfriend Yifeng. As I was already certified, I planned to enroll in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course while the rest will do their basic Open Water Diver course.

Redang Island
Our bus details
8 Aug 2017 (Tue)
Golden Miles Caltex Station - Merang Summer Bay Jetty
CTTS Holidays
10:00PM (8 Aug) - 9:00AM (9 Aug)

13 Aug 2017 (Sun)
Merang Summer Bay Jetty - Woodlands Checkpoint
CTTS Holidays
12:50PM - 11:30PM

Average return fare per person: S$112.63 (booked through Easybook)

I've been to Redang 7 years ago, and coincidentally this time round we booked the same accommodation as before with Redang Pelangi Resort, located along Pasir Panjang (Long Beach). I guess in terms of price and package, it's got the best value. RM675/person for 4 nights (including breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner) and an additional RM960 for my Advanced Open Water Diver course (RM1,060 for basic), conducted by their dive centre, Dive Redang.

Day 0
8 Aug 2017 (Tue)

The bus journey taken care by CTTS Holidays was pretty messy and intricate. Because they kinda don't have a counter or kiosk by themselves, so they have to "borrow" the Transtar Express Bus Counter for boarding and passenger waiting. And we're only informed about this on the day of departure itself via a Whatsapp message with poor grammar.

Besides, perhaps I was also too naive to think that the bus will go straight to Merang Jetty from Singapore, but apparently there's a transfer to another bus at Larkin Bus Terminal in Johor Bahru. Well but seems that we didn't have any other transport options to Redang so I'd say bearing that was inevitable.

Day 1
9 Aug 2017 (Wed)

Merang Jetty
Despite the mess of how the bus company arranges the itinerary, the resorts in Redang Island would have arranged a reasonable pick up and drop off schedules, eg. generally passengers alight from the bus at the jetty 1 to 2 hours before the boat pick up.

Below are the charges at the jetty for visiting the archipelago before departure (not covered by the resort):
Jetty Fee: RM1
Marine Park Conservation Fee: RM5 (Malaysian), RM30 (foreigner)

The journey to Redang Island took less than half an hour, and once again I reminisced about the super clear water at the shore.

Check in was smooth, and I'm pretty happy with the room condition as well, we got a air conditioned double room with a queen size bed.

Room C12

After unloading our luggages in the room, we're supposed to meet up with our respective dive instructors to arrange our dive itinerary.

I met up with my advanced dive instructor Benny, who's surprised to know that I came to do my advanced diver certification without doing more leisure dives after my basic diver course. When I was asked to setup the BCD, he further commented that I have already forgotten most of the thing (apparently I barely even remembered how to setup a BCD). Thankfully he didn't conclude that I shouldn't be doing advanced now, instead, he wanted to assess my diving proficiency by doing a checkout dive.

Dive #1: Checkout Dive @ Tanjung Tengah

Time in : 14:30 Starting pressure : 200 bar
Time out : 15:15 Ending pressure : 120 bar
Safety stop : 3 minutes Max dive depth : 10 m
Weight used : 3 kg Bottom time : 45 minutes

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