Jun 21, 2012

SEP in Lund University

I couldn't believe I've finished editing the video for SEP. It's a 20-minute-clip including photo slideshows and footages taken during my exchange and travels to over 14 countries.

Universitetshuset (Lund University Main Building)
I dropped by Singapore when I flew back from Sweden before going back to Penang. And in my uncle's house in Singapore, I recorded some audio tracks that I used in the video. All background music in the video are purely played and arranged by me myself. In fact, photos and footages are all taken by my camera.

Because its long duration, I had to be extra careful while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, because when I export the video, the rendering takes 1.5 hour. And if you found mistakes when watching the exported video, you know you're doomed and you have to correct the mistake and spend another 1.5 hour exporting the video (and give a sinister laughter to yourself).

Also I had to make sure the music goes well with the footages and pauses at the suitable scenes.

The initial successful export of the video was 22 minutes, and when I was going to upload it to Facebook, boomz, maximum allowable duration is 20 minutes. The file size exceeded the maximum allowable size (1024MB) as well. Not only I had to spend another 1.5 hour exporting, I had to edit again to shorten the duration to 20 minutes.

Uploading videos to Facebook takes super long, so I uploaded it to YouTube first and perhaps will upload to Facebook when I'm in Singapore. My house's Internet connection couldn't make it for a even a successful upload to YouTube and I had to leave my laptop overnight at my dad's office with faster Internet connection because it took more than 10 hours to upload. Seriously, thanks to Malaysia's Internet connection speed.

If you're having a meal in front of your computer but nothing to watch, please enjoy this video while taking your meal or doing anything else. ^^

This video is practically a summary of my exchange experience, which I'll never have another chance to gain in any point of time in the future. I cherish it, and I'll always miss it. T_T

Javin Tham MSc, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSSBB, CQPA, CQIA, MSOE, MIPlantE Industrie 4.0 Consultant | Pop Piano Coach | YouTube Coverist