Mar 6, 2013

周杰倫 - 說好的幸福呢 (Cover by Gary Song & Javin Tham)

This song reminds me of some super random stuff - BAKKWA!! LMAO, why? This song was included in Jay Chou's 9th studio album Capricorn (魔杰座) which was released in early 2008 (it's been 5 years my goodness). At that point of time I was working part time at Bee Cheng Hiang (Pulau Tikus Branch) as barbecue man cum general worker in Penang. One of my friends cum temporary 'colleague' who lives near to my house fetched me and a few other friends to work and back home everyday. One day I heard this song aired on the radio in his car and everyone was like singing together, but in an octave lower, because the key of this song is way too high for a normal person.

I must say, although the melody is not so fancy, this song has a penetrating feel, which is one special attribute of Jay Chou's compositions. And the lyrics are just so emo...

Having done so many English song covers with Gary was making me want to cover Mandarin songs with him. I picked 說好的幸福呢 as it's relatively singable by Gary.

Yup, this is our first Mandarin song cover, and you might be surprised that Gary can actually sing Mandarin song. Haha... I tried my best to play as similarly as possible to the original arrangement. Besides keyboard, I post added strings as accompaniment to enrich the acoustic, and I really like it.

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